Writing Inspiration: Rock

When people find out I listen to rock, especially the type of rock it is, most are shocked. Yes, when I am not listening to Kpop or Jpop music, this is my favourite music to listen to. This sort of music I find inspiring for writing. My taste can vary from indie to more harder rock, which is my first choice. My playlists mostly consists of hard, screamo type rock. This music is great for adventure, action, horror or almost any sort of writing I believe. It can get your adrenaline up to perfectly finish a scene. Lately, I have only been listening to Arabic, Turkish, Bollywood and Russian music. However, I am currently getting back to listening to rock. My taste hasn't changed at all.

I like music with meaningful lyrics. While most don't pay too much attention to it, I actually like to decipher what the artist is trying to say through this song, what is the meaning to a song? What is the message behind the instruments? Some is a bit dark what I prefer, but I find it most inspiring for my writing projects.

I believe rock has some of the most incredible and the most talented guitarists. I never paid much attention to who was in the bands, but I have always liked one. Despite of a lot of criticism about the music being dark and depressing, I use to be obsessed with Evanescence. I loved Amy Lee, and always thought she was beautiful. I just loved her style. My second favourite is Hayley Williams from Paramore. 

I will end this with a list of my favourite bands I can currently remember:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Red
  • Scar the Martyr
  • Paramore
  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Slipknot
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Black Veil Brides
  • Escape the Fate
  • Evanescence
  • A Day to Remember
  • Three Days Grace
  • Pillar   

Writing Platforms

Today, I was working on my projects, and yes, even starting a brand new project. I wanted to share why I changed the program or platform I use to write.

Like other writers, I originally used Microsoft Word. However, immediately I noticed a problem with writing on Word. Whenever a dumb computer wanted to not work right, that unfortunately meant I was stopped from working on my projects. I think I stopped writing on Word because one day, after troubleshooting a laptop, I found out my entire book had been erased.

That's how I have been finding another means of writing my projects. I desired to use a platform that was online. In that way, if one computer fails me, I could use any computer in order to get work done. That is the reason why I switched to using Google Docs. There are a few problems with using this one as well. For instance, Google Docs claims it could work either online or offline, but this is not true at all. You have to always have a good internet connection. Due to the snow up here in Minnesota. I mean, we get severe snowstorms, and every time, our internet is knocked out for awhile. So a small message at the top appears saying, "you are offline." Then I'm stuck sitting there staring into space until the internet is working again. I never realized how addicted I was to the internet until I cannot go on the internet.

Also, I dislike that Google Docs doesn't have a manuscript or a film script formatting template like Word does. Before submitting to agents, and even getting published by that Estonian publisher, I must insert it into Word in order to get it formatted. Another thing, is that Google Docs doesn't have a system for word count, nor does it correct grammar. However, not to worry, I have several programs for that.

I am currently trying to find a better writing platform that is online. It's just I find Google Docs the most convenient to use. In addition to its convenience, I simply do not trust my computer to work properly on other platforms. I already have this problem from a laptop I recently purchased, that it keeps jumping back to the beginning of my document. I yell, "Why do you keep doing that?!" As if the computer can hear and answer me. Anyway, yes, I switched laptops due to my HP laptop not working well. It was a fancy expensive one that only worked well for 3 months. My mother currently uses it for her schooling to finish her Master's degree. However, it doesn't work quite well for her neither. Those new computers aren't designed to last long at all. Also, I wanted one to match my new Lolita style. I went smaller and more kawaii with my laptop. We have like thousands of laptops everywhere in our house because of the issue of the computers not working well.

I may be posting more often for a break and I suppose procrastination. I took a quick break from coding for the new blog design. I am torn between kawaii stuff and Wolf stuff for the theme. I wish to post more relevant to writing. However, since I am learning about my ancestry, I will share anything I have learned about one of the cultures. Also, I will share living doll transformation updates as stated before....

For Those Who Are Confused...

This was mainly for people who have been confused, and who have asked me about my previous posts. I may further explain, but to not have this a complete educational post, I will only share general things for an understanding.

Americans fail to realize that there are different ethnic groups in Russia. Also yes, Slavs are in fact European (many Americans don't know this apparently). I have ran across people who have read my postings get confused when I use Slavic and Russian together. Okay, Slavic or Slavs are Russians. They are considered East Slavic. South Slavs are not Russians, but they are in the same Slavic family. However, Slavs are not the only race in Russia.

I have always been interested in the Indigenous people in Russia. So I studied them for years. My particular interest is in the Nentsy tribe, where the Siberian Husky came from. It was very cool to learn that the Drumgole family have Nensty people in their family. Actually, Russia's European origins are the same as America's and Australia's (Australians actually originated from England). You know the incident with Europeans and Native Americans. I learned about the whole incident, but I whether not go into that. I just dislike talking badly about other countries.

Maybe I could have been more specific in my posts, but I wasn't really referring to the Slavs in Russia when I mention my Russian ancestry. I mainly refer to the Turkic races, which is not European. Turkish people are more related to East Asian, Oriental people. Even the Turks in Turkey are. Natural Selection is responsible for how Turkish people currently look.

Since migrating from Mongolia (Oghuz tribe), the people of Turkey adapted to their new environment which is Anatolia, or modern day Turkey. I don't want this to be a boring science and biology lesson, but I study and take a lot of science and biology classes to understand Natural Selection. Also, as a registered nurse, I have to know these things. I won't go too much into biology and stuff. Sandwiched in between Europe and the Middle East (West Asia), Turks sort of changed from how they originally looked and even their behaviour (religion too). However, many East Asian traditions and customs are in tact. For instance, in Turkey, people still have to take off shoes and put on slippers before entering a house just as I read about Japan.

I do remember my step-grandma vaguely share how I have ancestry from Turkic, Romani and Slavic people. Perhaps the family I originated from have crossbred with Slavs and Gypsies. So in a way, I could have been referring to the Slavic people, but mainly I am not. Another thing mentioned is how I often change which race I identify with. Do keep in mind I am a mixed raced person. I have read how mixed people are not confused, but sometimes I actually do get confused due to my research. However, I am going to identify myself as either South Asian or Filipino for now on. I whether not identify with any of my Russian or Middle Eastern ancestry anymore, no matter what percentage I may be of the races. I technically could call myself South Asian because Romani people originated from India, from the Indian Gypsies. They have DNA ancestry from South Asian and West Asian (Middle East) people. So technically, I am considered Indian.

I also understand Gypsy is an ethnic slur, which is equivalent to calling a Native American Indian, or an African American the N word (I'm not really sure if it's that offensive though). Europeans called Romani people Gypsies because they falsely assumed they originated from Egypt. However apparently too, Americans are confused when I just say Romani or Roma. They have never heard of this race before. That's why I have to mention the term Gypsy or say you know like Esmeralda?

Well, that may not actually be true that I won't ever identify myself as those races again. If I have learned something new about one of my cultures, I can't help but to share. I just try to identify with the culture I mostly take after.

...And so, I didn't intend this one to be a long post, but I just wanted to clear some confusion many had about the other posts.   

Random Updates

Just when you think the snow is going to go away, it snows again. This time, it is an even harsher snow storm. All of the schools and most businesses are closed due to the storm. That's how it is in Minnesota. However, I'm not bothered by the snow. I actually love winter. I love that spiders are not around.

So anyway, I have been saying I would like to share more about my projects, inspirations and more about sled dogging and sled dog breeds. I would also love to post more about mixed race topics and ancestry stuff.

First, I did share how I'm not too picky on the country I publish my books in. So, I've been searching for publishers in the U.K. My dream was to publish in New York, but that dream was shattered when finding out about this racist issue. Recently, I learned how bias the publishers in the United States have gotten. Publishers and even agents can reject your submission only because you are a minority. Also, if you do get published in the U.S., you have crazy Neo-Nazis harassing you. They affect the sell for marketing your books. People have been extremely bias towards me due to my pen name Tikaani Moon, and they know it is a Native American name. They also already know I'm a minority. The United States has became quite a disappointment.

I found a publisher in Estonia. I spoken with an employer there, who is interested in publishing my book, and soon to be books. Yes, it's an Eastern European country. I don't care where I publish, just as long as I do publish my books. I just was interested particularly in Japan due to me already taking my games, my console and manga there. I wanted to have the same publisher from the same country. Now, I don't really care at this point. I don't even care if my literary agent is American or not.

Yes, it's true I created over 40 books. I have a big imagination and I tend to daydream quite a lot. I didn't list all of the projects under ongoing projects. There are probably more books because I'm only counting the separate projects, and not books to a series. I just hate most are not actually finished. So, whichever company I publish with, I will have lots to contribute to their company.

I use a Native American name and theme, at first due to the fact I thought I was Native American. That was until knowing of an adoptive background. It was like, okay, I'm not Native American. Then what am I? Now, I use Tikaani Moon to bring awareness to Native American culture and people. This is also a part of my activism work. I became an advocate for Native people due to my anger about the lack of action and respect when it comes to Indigenous people.

Recently, I have considered bringing awareness to Jewish culture and people. This is due to the ridiculous and extreme hatred they face. I never met a Jewish person before, but I don't understand this extreme hatred and wishing them harm. I always ask, why do people hate Jewish people so much? What have they done to deserve such ill-treatment? No, I think I have met one Jewish person before. She was a teacher, who happened to have been the best teacher I ever had. I disliked how the school treated her though. I remember the story she shared with me about how she survived the holocaust and being in the concentration camps. Since I was so young, I'm still quite unfamiliar with Jewish people and their behaviour. Of course, as a Christian, you are sort of forced to learn about Jewish people, their customs and culture. What most fail to realize is that Jesus is Jewish, and Christianity was founded by JEWISH people, not Europeans.

Also lately, I have been doing lots of research for my family's real ancestry. This is due to publishers and stuff now, well the ones in the United States wanting to know the writer's ethnicity, in which I don't understand why. However, since learning of the adoption, I've been wanting to know who and what I really am. What I've been learning has been confusing. My step-grandma told me one day something about my ancestry mostly originated from Russia, and my reaction was Yikes! I wished so bad she would further explain what she meant, but unfortunately she is unwilling to explain herself. Since learning about another part of my ancestry, I've been learning more about the Romani people (also known as Gypsies).

I'm still working on the blog upgrade, in which I am not done with that. Just playing with ideas now. I have been kind of placing it on hold for other projects I'm working on, but I will get back to doing the upgrade.

Anyway, these are my latest projects I've been doing...

Moving Up In The Business World

I have a lot of great news to share. The biggest I believe is my mother being nominated to become a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success. Not just a member, but she was given the highest membership as a presidential member. The Southern New Hampshire University nominated her. I guess now everyone sees why I chose her as my manager. It was all due to her experience and educational background.

Now Southern New Hampshire University and Rasmussen college wants her as an instructor. She accepted to become an online instructor. She has also been asked to become an English instructor in Canada since she spent 2 years studying French. I guess my family has been obsessed with the French language. Anyway, she accepted as well. Lastly, LinkedIn has invited her to be a part of their team and to contribute to their company.

I have been getting a lot of my work done. So far, I have outlined five books from my six book series.

Wow, it's just people should treat everyone equally. They shouldn't just give only those who are on top respect. Everyone deserves the same respect as you would give a leader, we are all important. I say this after several people and companies, the same ones I might add who didn't give my family the time of day, is now worshiping the ground we walk on. I notice customer service is increasingly well for us now.

I am not sure if I want to return back into politics after recently leaving. We were working with someone who is now a top official. I'll consider it.

I hope to finish the business projects to get our products out soon. I also hope to gain more in the business world, as well as the writing industry. I will share my writing projects soon and how I started over 40 book projects.