21 May, 2018

Useful Reasons To Wear Head Scarves

Back in the day, it was common to wear headscarves. However, many fashion trends are returning, and I can't see why the retro headscarf couldn't. It is a popular habit in Eastern Europe. There are several reasons to wear a headscarf.

Anyway, like back in the day, it was worn...

  • During windy days
  • If women just had their hair done
  • For protecting hair and head from the sun
  • For riding in convertibles
  • Gardening
  • Church
  • Riding a bike
  • For lazy/bad hair days
  • Keeping hair out of the way
  •  Or it was worn just for fashion as an accessory

Audrey Hepburn made the fashion trend popular. Being a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, and the Retro fashion, I have been promoting this vintage fashion trend. Also, I have been sharing the cultural reason to wear them.

The best way in wearing it today, is by not covering all of your hair though. The point is similar to a hat, but not so it will make you too hot. Not sure if I said this before, but I like to copy the way scarves are worn in Russia. This is the most appropriate way to wear them in modern times.

Another mistake I have ran across, was how people label the vintage headscarf as a Muslim hijab. You shouldn't call it a hijab, especially if it's not for religious reasons. It should only be called a headscarf. But however, covering the hair has several different reasons, and it doesn't belong to one culture or religion. Even Christian women and Jewish women cover their hair. The hair covering has been around for centuries, including the 19th century, and it was done by different cultures.

For me, it is kind of cultural and influenced by religion. I was raised to believe covering the hair was most appropriate, and women shouldn't really be seen without hair coverings. It seems headscarves does have some cultural and religious reasons when I think of the reason why I wear headscarves, but not all the time. It can be for any of the above reasons as well.

When making them, it's good to make them out of silk, lace or satin for the summer. Thicker fabric is best for cooler weather.

19 May, 2018

Rereading the Final Draft (And Working on the Second Book)

I started the process of rereading book one of my Fantasy series. I have gotten a long way from chapter one. I believe I'm on chapter nineteen? Forgot, but I made pretty good progress. I am glad I was able to zip through the chapters. Of course again, I have to wait until my family is asleep before I could get work done. That leaves me at midnight, working. Yeah, just as I have mentioned in this post: Trying To Get Back Into Writing.

About a month ago, I wrote the last notes to the outline of my second book. I wrote a lot, but I put it on hold temporarily to finish polishing the first manuscript. I would like to return to writing the second book. It's just about finished. Well, I'm almost done writing in the main scenes from the outline. Pretty soon, I will have to fill in stuff in between scenes in order to compose it into a complete novel. I just would like to have the second manuscript together before publication.

Lately for the past few days, I haven't had the chance to work on anything. I only read documents through my phone, and I've been studying and being busy with classes. It did benefit me to learn more about the topics I write about, and to get my other projects together. But this is something I've put sweat, tears and so much hard work into. I really want to get back into getting a lot of work done on my Fantasy WIP. I'm dead serious about being a published writer.

So, this is my first time rereading the entire first book as a complete story. Then I will reread it again to make sure I didn't miss anything.

UPDATE: I am rereading the final chapter!

18 May, 2018

Mo (The Spotlight Tales Book 1)

Yesterday, I purchased a book after meeting an author named Simon Pearce, an author from the U.K. Being the first English person I spoken to ever or met, let me say first that it was a privilege meeting him. He invited me to view the reviews and stuff.

I began reading the reviews as he asked. I'm glad I did to get a little more about the main character and his parents. Mo is his name, but full name is Mohammad Adil Dhillon. Actually, I never read anything with a Muslim character before. So this is interesting being the first different main character, because I have only read books with European main characters. This let me realize how writers should use more other races.

I recently read the beginning, as this old man in his neighborhood is called Moth Man. I remember reading the part in school, where the English teacher shared the backstory of the Moth Man sightings and how the old man was named Moth Man.

I also read the part about Mo's parents, and how his father pressured him taking an exam. I just thought of how I always didn't like parents who did this to their children, and how I never liked parents who are like Mo's, because obviously here, there is a poor communication here between parent and child. I think parents shouldn't add stress and pressure to their children's lives.

From what I read of the description, Mo struggles with being enticed by terrorist rhetoric, which was influenced by how he is treated in school. This shares a problem that is not properly addressed. I know in every country, any person of a minority group deals with racial bullying. With young Muslims, you don't know how this would effect them.

So now I am reading the book, along with other books in any chance given.

15 May, 2018

Designing Updates

Giving updates for all designing projects. First, although I did get training on website building, CSS stuff, I wasn't sure on the blog design. I have been working to build the blog to make it more like a website, but every time I build the CSS, I restart again. I guess I've been doing too many experiments with how the blog could look. I'm a little bit lost with how I want the haunted house and the mixed race blog to look, but I'm currently working on that too. I collaborated with someone to see what they feel would make a more professional looking author blog.

I knew knowing website building would be an asset for my career in the corporate world. That's why I took the time to learn through colleges, online classes, articles and videos. I think I put more focus on building the company website than the blog. About the company, it is a new online store. We will sell items on eBay, Etsy and our own website. We will sell jewelry, clothing, pet products, and also gourmet food. We are collaborating with others for an easier way to get foods from different cultures and countries.

While I help work on that, I wanted to start a non-profit organization, in which I will further share in a random post. I was told I would need a website for this as well. So I am doing all of the required steps to start my organization. It's a bit tricky to do so, but I am determined to finish what I started. Plus, this is for a good cause. This organization is for Native American culture awareness. I am looking at people who'd be interested in investing in the organization. This isn't the only organization I'm working on however.

I recently read about now building CSS has gotten easier because you don't have to multiply, do math. I was trained to be an accountant, so I probably could have did the math, but this makes it easier. Well, when you are hired as an accountant, the computers does most of the work anyway. If the company is not old fashion, there is a program in the computer to help accountants. You just have to know how to use the program.

Designing updates are for all designing projects. So I have also been trying to get inspiration to design original Lolita fashion. Going over my sketches, I realized they fit under the Lolita category. Me loving lace and ruffles, you know all of my designs must include lots of lace, bows and ruffles. Also layers.

What do I plan on doing with those clothing designs? Well, I am using them for my career as a real life doll. I design them, then I will make the outfits.

For game developments, unfortunately I cannot actually design games because I can't draw online. I have been trying to practice, but it seems hopeless for me to draw digitally. I draw like a 2 year old. My failed attempt to draw the old Pokemon:

I had this picture redrawn, and here it is:

This is my vision, and where I was trying to go with this art. So yeah, I should stick to traditional art. I will repost this photo for another post.

So, I have stuck with my strength, and that is writing. I am training to become a professional game writer and narrative designer, the person hired onto a game developing team to do all of the writing aspects of game creation. I have a bit more strengths since I also create game ideas, and entire games. I will take my game scripts and concept to a professional company, in which I have already found some. Because I am a game writer and game creator, I like that I will have a little more say so over the actual game development. Being hired as a narrative designer, you don't really have this, since you are hired by the game creator to write the game script.

So I will give more updates on my projects soon. 

13 May, 2018

A Link For Mother's Day Origins

I remember reading an article about Abraham Lincoln's mother for Mother's Day. Although this isn't the article I read, you may read some post from the Washington Post here.

The link I wanted to share was from years of studying military history, of learning about Mother's Day Origins. I don't want to make this day into a long boring history lesson, so I instead shared a link of its origins from 1908 of being originally a movement for anti-war. What better time is this since we are facing a risk of WWIII. Here is National Geographic that explains a bit about Mother's Day: 7 Things You Don't Know About Mother's Day's Dark History.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers all over the world. Well, this is for the good mothers. Also, apologizing for anyone who has lost their mother.

10 May, 2018

More Music Inspiration

Another beautiful song from my playlist.

Why Doesn't The U.S. Offer Universal Healthcare?

Going over a class today, my family was discussing our studies on the healthcare in different countries. My mother for instance shared about the struggling economy in the Sub-Saharan African region. Despite this, they are still striving to provide healthcare for all of their citizens.

It was shocking to discover through my studying that the United States is the only country that doesn't offer universal healthcare. It's one of the most advanced countries in the world, but has the poorest healthcare system in the world. From research, the minority groups in the United States are known to suffer from the bias system United States has. I also read Americans pay way more than anyone in the world; like double it to 15 multiple times or something. Why is that? You know, for people who are outside of the U.S., I can tell you our healthcare system is desperately needing to learn something from the other countries. Never has the United States offered this to all of their citizens. I feel it's rigged unfairly. I mean the only ones who receives the best healthcare treatments are the wealthy here. The middle class and poor are kind of left out to fend for themselves.

I don't think Obamacare was good. My family gets a lot of heat from this, but please listen to our side of the argument. Obamacare was put in place to help those who couldn't afford healthcare, yes. However, it's from the people like my family. They take from the middle class and the rest of the people in order to allow people to continue their healthcare benefits. Because of this, most people, including my own family are left without any healthcare at all. This is not fair. Everyone should be able to get healthcare and be treated whenever they need to. Instead when medical emergencies do arrive, the middle class is left without no way of getting treated.

Also, Obamacare was put in place to allow the citizens to pay for the officials in the White House to receive top healthcare. Why should the American people pay for that when most cannot even afford it themselves?

In the United States, it seems our system is intentionally rigged to leave people out. You can't even be seen at the hospital or clinic unless you have a insurance or is able to pay really expensive bills to be seen. If not, hospitals and clinics have the right to not see the patient, even if it is an emergency. I have seen people getting kicked out of hospitals because of it.

Canada, I have read how some people feel America would benefit if they copied Canada's healthcare system. According to my studies, it isn't entirely perfect, but it's a lot better than America's healthcare. Canada, although it is free, there's a serious problem with the long waiting list to be treated for even serious operations. That's a major flaw in Canada's healthcare system. I think if countries stopped trying to compete and stuff, they could collaborate to help each other out. Perhaps Canada could help America in finding ways to have free universal healthcare for EVERYONE. America has its pride though, and the officials hate to admit if they need assistance.

Another embarrassing issue, America is the only country with a severe gun violence problem. I'm not saying we should get rid of guns altogether, for my family owns 3 guns, but we always keep them locked down in our house. However, something should be done about this. Those shootings you see on the news, those are only the ones the media chooses to share. In reality, there are shootings that happens every single day. The bad part about it is that, most of the shootings are caused by American citizens, and no terrorist related incidents. Now in America, if people gets angry at you on the street, there's a risk of them pulling out a gun and shooting you.

Isn't it pretty crappy too that if there's a war that breaks out, the American citizens pay for the officials to be safe in luxury bunkers, while leaving us to die? All of the bunkers were sold off to the rich as well.

Well, that's just what I wished to share about my research.

09 May, 2018

May 9th Marks Victory Day In Russia

This is just something random I remember from 9 years of studying World War II. Something sparked my memory of this.

So, I will not make this long because I developed a very bad headache from working all night, but just something simple noting that today, it is celebrated as the day Nazi Germany surrendered against the Soviet Union, officially in 1945. The German Instrument Of Surrender had been signed in late of May 8th, but officially celebrated on the next day, May 9th. In Russia, they hold a Victory Day Parade, which you can watch online and follow online as well. I did for a class once, and it was very nice.

I remember watching a documentary about the Soviet Union vs. Nazi Germany. It was very interesting to watch how the Soviet Union was able to turn things around after Germany nearly wiped out half of their country. Despite it, they were able to get a victory. I took notes on the documentary for class.

In class I remember being asked about if I knew if one of my ancestors was involved in any way related to this, especially since it seems my mother came from an important family. I have to say, sadly, I don't know. I wish to look into this, and if I find anything, I will make sure to share it with everyone!

I'm alone on congratulating Russia today, because no one around me didn't know it even took place. Nor were they interested in knowing. 

Current Read: An Eye for Glory: The Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier

When I was active on Twitter, I met a writer named Karl Bacon. He recommended his book to me since I like reading about the American Civil War. I went on Amazon and purchased the book. Then I found out my phone couldn't download anything else. So I deleted a few apps to download it. Yeah, I found a new and better way to read and that's on my phone or kindle. I stopped purchasing physical books after running out of space to put them. My family had to start stacking books where it didn't make sense to put books at.

I am currently reading it, but so far, I find it useful and insightful to read about a real soldier's experiences in the Union army. It can be added for research. Here's a bit about the book....

"Michael palmer is a good man, a family man. But honor and duty push him to leave his comfortable life and answer the call from Abraham Lincoln to fight for his country. This “citizen soldier” learns quickly that war is more than the battle on the field. Long marches under extreme conditions, illness, and disillusionment challenge at every turn. Faith seems lost in a blur of smoke and blood … and death. Michael’s only desire is to kill as many Confederate soldiers as he can so he can go home. He coldly counts off the rebels that fall to his bullets. Until he is brought up short by a dying man holding up his Bible. It’s in the heat of battle at Gettysburg and the solemn aftermath that Michael begins to understand the grave cost of the war upon his soul. Here the journey really begins as he searches for the man he was and the faith he once held so dearly...."
I think I'll have to start from the beginning though because I recently got a new phone, and I forgot what page I was on. Anyway, so far, I did find this book realistic to life as a Union soldier in the American Civil War. For a Civil War researcher, you can find yourself visualizing the events, as if you are reliving the story as you read it. 

08 May, 2018

A Bunch Of Random Thoughts

I didn't know how to title this because this is just a bunch of random musings, thoughts and updates. Hope they all make sense.

So first, yesterday I worked double on the job. Well, I do home health care services, I mean, that's the job title anyway. Wherever I am needed, I go to the patient's homes. You can't just sit around all day neither. I help also people who need assistance both medically and any other help they may need. You do a lot of stuff they can't do for themselves, that does include cleaning up their house and yard, among other things. Hand out medicine, make sure they are taking the right dose and other stuff like that. However, I do wish to share how my boss, which is an extraordinary doctor, he does own several different companies. Him and also another vice president or the president of Pro-health Care, a guy from Somalia I believe, he is ranked the 7th most paid and most successful business people in the country and in the world. I was thinking, wow! He owns a ton of companies, and even personally knows Barack Obama and the others in the White House. It's incredible, although my family also does personally knows the officials, but that's still amazing.

Anyway, back to my work, the most embarrassing thing happened during the time. I came inside the house to ask the patient a question, but the woman couldn't understand what I was saying. I didn't realize I was speaking in a foreign language until she pointed it out. She immediately recognized it as Russian. Now she thinks I'm a foreigner. I am unsure why that happens everyday, but it does. For some reason, I can speak-let me stop right there.

Today, I was given two great ideas. I was sleep, so I guess they were from dreams. I woke up out of my sleep and immediately wrote it down. Well, I did get another great idea for another new book, which is Horror. The other two ideas, one is for a Science Fiction book, the other is for a new project, which is a Horror, Science Fiction, Zombie book. This is the newest project I started. It makes me realize how dark, strange and mysterious my dreams and thoughts can be. I need someway to let these thoughts out, and writing is a perfect way for me. Not all of the dreams were and are dark however. Some can be whimsical and fun. Yet they are all very strange. So, I've been doing that today, when I was not doing home health assistance work.

I am still working on the CSS and HTML stuff I'm working on for the new blog designs. Designs, because I need four designed. The fourth one is for the company website, which is an e-commerce website and company. I am slowly getting the artwork I need since I can't draw digitally to save my life. You know, I attempted to yesterday or the day before on Photoshop, and I failed. They are too embarrassing to share. I will not give up. I am serious about drawing anime digitally.

So, yeah, awhile back, I did get training on that stuff, and I've been trying to brainstorm the design. I mean, since it is an author blog, and for Tikaani Moon, I want it different and fitting the theme. So yeah, that means dark, mysterious and with Wolves and the moon because the Wolf is my spirit animal, and I feel deeply connected to the Wolf. But lately, I've been distracted by helping other people code designs into their websites and blogs because they don't know how to code. I say, "Okay, you can just place it there and there." The person has no clue what I'm saying to them. So then, I tell them to just give me the design and their website or whatever it is and I can place it in for them. I realized I've been too busy doing that, that I forgot about my own blogs. So sorry, but I probably will have to stop coding for other people, in order to get my own stuff together. I am unsure where I am going with the design since there are so many ways to do it. I just read about CSS Grid and how CSS improved and gotten easier for people who build CSS and stuff like that. 

Another thing, I watched something random about Austria, which caused me to want to write something based in Austria, or either just a character. So far though, I don't have anything that would fit what I want. I can make it fit. Also, I thought about the times I've been wanting to visit Nova Scotia, Canada. That or just include it in my projects. I am not a writer who would only use their hometown. Well yeah, for my first project, I did use my own State, Minnesota, but it does start off in Canada. I like to include different States and countries.

Lastly, when I write, I know I did say I stopped listening to rock. Recently, I went back to my rock playlists after hearing the new Breaking Benjamin album. I really love this new album and the band, and now I returned to listening to rock when I write. But with caution now. I am now a little more aware of the issues of listening to rock. I still listen to international music, in fact, I listen to that more than I listen to any other music. Lately, I've been listening to Romanian pop, Jpop, Kpop and Russian pop. Most people don't know I like Russian music, because one time I told someone, their reaction was negative. Any music that is not in English is not positively viewed by people in America. Even when I tell people I like Jpop and Kpop, they don't favour that at all. I secretly listen to Russian pop, and have a secret playlist of all of my international music. Back to rock though, here is one song from the new album from Breaking Benjamin. How appropriate is the name of the song, huh? Feed the Wolf....