Monday, February 8, 2016

Few Things to Share (Random Updates)

Okay, first I wish to give an update on the blog upgrade. Yes it will happen soon. I found 99designs, a company who can design my blog to be more professional. The only thing is they do not code the design into the blog once they have designed it. So they gave me a site that specializes in coding. I will be getting this soon, as well as the logo design for the new business my manager and I are starting. I will get more into our business later on.

Lately my manager and I have been looking thoroughly at plastic surgeons. We both want plastic surgery, but only I wish to have the human doll surgery. My mother/manager fully supports altering myself to look more doll/porcelain like. I will share my full living doll journey/story in another post. Anyway, I have been searching in Minnesota due to uncertainty of our current travel capabilities and recovery process. We do wish for the best, so I have also been searching for plastic surgeons in California. When I learned Japan is the capitol of plastic surgery, since my family are moving to Japan (really soon in fact, after I finish writing my book to publish), it has been tempting to travel to Japan. However, not sure if I would like to wait a bit longer for my doll surgery. So I may settle for one in the US. I am hoping however to run across someone who has done human doll surgery, and/or has worked or is familiar with Japan. I find these types more willing to perform the doll surgery. After plastic surgery, I can share my experiences in the procedures I have gotten and process. Many are confused when I say I am a living doll. Here are things to help those who does not understand the meaning or concept. Since I already downloaded these pictures to my computer, these are the ones I will share:


Third, being an extreme human doll (even before then), I am fascinated in body modifications of almost any kind. While many may believe it is too weird, I think it is amazing. To be a certain doll, I will not get any modifications that will limit what type of doll I can be. However I discovered the unique piercing called punch hole piercing:

More Relevant:

I am considering getting the heart shape. It is unique and beautiful. I found many ways I can make this fitting to my living doll life. Yes, painful, but unique. I will definitely share my experiences with this. I have a high tolerance to pain, so if I decide not to get it, it will only be that I find it not suiting a doll.

In another post, I would like to share my travel plans and also about Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum. It is taking awhile to gather the tweets and stuff. Also as a new living doll, I would like to introduce my new career/lifestyle.

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