iTalki: My Review On the Language Learning Site

After watching a YouTube video to improve my Japanese, I heard of the site iTalki. According to them, this was a good site to learn languages. This seemed like a useful site, where I can learn from human beings who know the language. I have found some helpful articles. However I am beginning to get tired of trying to use iTalki for my language learning. I am only there to learn for my work, job and business purposes. I again came across problems and the downfall of not being anonymous anymore.

Although I understand for specific languages like Arabic, French, Turkish, Dutch (Japanese, Korean and Chinese I have no difficulties understanding and pronouncing) and more I need to learn for writing projects and work reasons; some are good to hear to know how to properly pronounce words. However I still dislike the idea of being forced to use Skype, some type of voice or video communication when I simply say I prefer not to. I am uncomfortable with this because I have many issues with males communicating with me. After awhile the conversations change to weird and the dating issue. It does not matter what site I am on. Also it does not matter how many miles they are.

What I expected from iTalki and did not:


I assumed from watching the video iTalki was more professional, and was perfect for a professional like me. I did not expect the site to be as annoying and social. I knew it was a social site, but not like that. 

I am not social. I am introverted, reserved and live an isolated life. I assumed iTalki was only going to be a useful learning tool for languages. Yes the articles, but I got more than what I wanted or thought from iTalki. I was leery and uncomfortable with the idea of speaking to so many strangers, none of whom I trusted or was for sure about. In the back of my mind I thought they could be serial killers, cannibals, involved in human trafficking, rapists/perverts (although the world likes perverts, I do not), Sadists, cultists and many other things. I do not even trust those I know, no neighbors, no one, especially no stranger. I did not trust giving them contact information they asked for, number, email and other things. I chose Google Hangouts because it is easier for me to block if something does not work out with that individual.

 For my language learning, males offered to assist me with their language and to be language partners (The site was more successful for learning Arabic and Turkish). For the record, I am no sexist, but for something as personal and social as that, I preferred to be communicated by female members. Instead, I was not. Yes I have by female members, but a few, not as much as I received communication from males. I saw a potential issue with this. Like what I said, after awhile, eventually males become weird, they stalk, harass and keep mentioning dating related topics; also calling me by names I dislike from males (honey, beautiful, sexy, sweetie although my living doll nickname is sweet pea, they have different motives) and etc. 

Recently, I decided to deactivate my iTalki account and disconnect myself from those I connected with on other sites. Only 3 from Twitter and those that follow on Google and is not obsessed in communicating I will not, but all of the rest are going and being blocked. Call me paranoid, I do not care, but I cannot afford to risk my safety, life, innocence trusting a complete stranger. Better safe than sorry about these things.


Another Reason Why I deactivated My iTalki Account


After awhile, I started to notice a high similarity with Facebook and iTalki. It makes it even more weird how when deactivating the account, I had to give an explanation like Facebook. With my past issue with that site, I loathed this. I also believe Facebook is affiliated with iTalki in some way, like it seems Twitter is affiliated with Facebook. 

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