Wednesday, April 27, 2016

23andMe Review

Taking a break from my work temporarily. I will return after sharing my review on the company 23andMe. My family are a bit disappointed, but not surprised. We figured the results would be inaccurate. The part that annoys me the most is the fact the company did know in the past we didn't know what our race was. Also we would like to know our real family.

The problem begins when the company claims the results would arrive 8 weeks. It in fact takes much longer than that. We were receiving strange messages on how they really do not know. Then after a long time of waiting, the results are here. First I would like to share the Ethnic Ancestry results.

It is similar to Ancestry, with some results exactly the same as

88.6% Sub-Saharan African countries and other percentages of West and South Africa. I study maps and learned to memorize world maps. So I remembered this would no doubt be the same countries that Ancestry showed us. There are a million reasons this cannot be possible. The Drumgole's, the adoptive family are descendants of these countries. So obviously this is somehow coming from their origins and not mine or my mother's.

10.1 % European (the exact same), half British, Irish, Broadly Northwestern European. The only thing that was correct (although not fully) was the British and Irish results.

Now 23andMe is saying we have Native American, small percentage though. I know for a fact that our family does not have Native American traits. We may be mixed with countries Native Americans originated from, but we are not Native American. I think my mother's adoptive family has Native American traits. The percentage they say would seem to fit their family more.

1 % Southern European

0.2% Iberian. Although a smaller percentage, it is still like Ancestry.

0.6% Southeast Asian. The percentage is inaccurate.

0% East Asian and Broadly East Asian. I know this is inaccurate. They did not get our Thai and Malaysian mix. That would be all though. We have no other East Asian traits.

0% Oceanian

0% Middle Eastern & North African. Now this company is saying we have no Middle Eastern or North African traits at all. This is very strange how they could not find any percentage, when Middle Eastern and North African countries sums up my family. The 88.6% should have been for this, but it was not.

When seeing this, we knew it was garbage. The other inaccurate results were physical characteristics, hair and skin. Freckles? Skin pigmentation? For hair, they had nothing, saying it is light or dark hair. The texture said our hair should match African American texture and colors. This is far from the truth. My family's hair is straight. Then what would explain my bright blonde hair? It turned more like a dirty blonde, but it change colors seasonally. My mother's hair change colors to jet black, brown and red.

Eyes: It says 85% our eyes are a real dark brown, close to black. This is not true. Again, my eyes use to be a real bright reddish brown color, leaning more towards red. They have darkened a bit. However in the spring and summer, they brighten. They are always a reddish brown though, but change colors to this red brown, bright brown and dark brown (not that dark).

Then suddenly it changes the results, which confuses us. The percentage lowers to maybe lesser than 88.6%. The eye color is high for light colors, like blue and hazel. My mother tells me I use to have blue eyes. The hair texture changed now that 90% our hair is straight and wavy. This is true. It's accurate I have blonde hair. I read the Arab DNA can be tricky, because when you look at the African locations, it's actually referring to the Arab descent of these locations.

Lactose Intolerance: For my mother, they said she is tolerant, but she is intolerant.

So it would seem 23andMe pulled the results from Ancestry, adoptive family and a random generator. I believe due to this huge inaccuracy, 23andMe is misleading with their advertisements like Ancestry can be. Also it is a complete waste of money and time.     

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