Monday, April 25, 2016

Japan: Muslims and Arabs

Recently, I learned about Japan's strict restrictions and bans for Muslims. Due to what has been happening, this is the reason for their ban. These bans include disallowing of permanent citizenship, renting homes, following Muslim customs, restrictions for the Arabic language and many other restrictions.

I was worried about this ban. No not Muslim, but there is also restrictions and racism for the Middle East. This is their least favourite, Turkish and Arabs (I was thinking yipes! I happen to be a mix of both). Japan I hear doesn't know about most of these countries (they dislike countries or races they feel are exotic), so they are cautious about certain kinds. Many may label Japan similar to the US, but they are not. Japan is simply unfamiliar with these countries and races. In addition, they are only basing their beliefs on what they read and watch, which happens to be more bad than good. They wish for their country to remain safe. I do not take any offense. Some I came across saying this is not always the case. Many Japanese that are native to Japan and currently live there, well, most say it is the case. I am curious does it matter I am from the US? Would I be allowed to wear Pakistani clothing? Well, most of times I do not wear it because I am a living doll. So I wear doll clothing. I wear scarfs because it was common in the Victorian and the Retro era. Plus, I like wearing scarfs. It just feels natural for my family to wear some type of hair coverings. This could be due to it was a forced conversion of Christianity.

I hear about racism especially in the small towns and villages. Can be fine if only planning a visit; It seems more of a problem when wishing to live in Japan. However, my family would like to move there for business and work reasons. I am use to racism however, from the small town we live in, some of the Drumgole family and others, especially online. Even the ghosts in my house. I was wondering would they be like my mother's adoptive family, always ducking, scooting away from us, skeptical about taking anything we hand to them and constant comments every move we make, thinking we have like a bomb or something. You know, I never really understood why the family behaved that way until finding out my real ethnicity. Anyway, probably won't be that extreme I hope. Although we have habits of the Middle East, I have studied the Japanese culture, language, religion and everything. Our family are all willing to live according to their culture and laws.

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