Language Learning: My Progress

Learning a different language seems to be like a tricky challenge. One must learn everything over, alphabet, grammar, new words, pronunciation and more. However, I believe learning them is rewarding, but sometimes learning a language is required for various of reasons. I am continuing with my Japanese language studying. Since Japanese pronunciation is the same, unlike English where it changes many times, it can be quick and easy to learn. I learned many words, and learned how to remember how certain Hiragana and Katakana characters look. I even learned some Kanji characters. However, somethings what many say is complicated, I find it is complicated and can be confusing. For instance, counting, telling time, Kanji and a few other things. However, I do not have much difficulty and usually can understand fast. I am a quick learner with Japanese and have no problems at all pronouncing anything. I still have a long way to go. Not that long though. My manager and I are considering also getting a tutor since moving to Japan. She was displeased iTalki did not work out because we could have gotten a tutor there, but no. When learning the language, many things just made me realize in Japan, there are emperors instead of presidents. We are getting use to this.

I have also been learning Korean since it seems Japan has huge involvement with Korea. I learned about the Native Korean and Sino-Korean, but it can be tricky to remember which one is appropriate to use. Korean words can be more tricky to pronounce I learned. When studying Korean characters more, I discovered how easy it is to memorize. I am still at the level how to pronounce everything though.

What I also feel is essential is Chinese. This language can be complicated in a way, but easier to learn. Since Japanese uses Chinese characters, I felt it was good to learn Chinese to really know the difference between the two languages. The words are easier to pronounce for me than Korean, but I will learn Korean. In my situation, it is essential. It's going to take a bit longer however. However, I learned Japanese in a way is the same as Korean and it is easy for those who know Japanese.

I am learning languages only for books. The languages are French, Norwegian and Dutch. I find dutch a very easy language to learn. Everything is easy to memorize and pronounce.

My manager and I are learning Arabic and Turkish. I am learning Turkish more than my manager though. I discovered when actually studying the languages, they were semi-easy in pronunciation and understanding the lessons. Since you must also learn the culture, we have and discovered similarity. Due to this strange similarity, I think the Turkish and Arabian culture, etiquette, likes, dislikes and everything will be easy to remember. I read Turkish is similar to Japanese in some way, but for me Turkish is easier to learn. I have been focusing on the languages that are more important though; at least trying to.

Like with my projects and other studying, I have a habit of multitasking. No I never get languages or cultures confused with each other. Multitasking for language learning I find easy. For Japanese, Korean and Chinese, I find it useful to multitask.

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