• Posted by : Qimuktis Moon 25 April, 2016

    First off no offense to Mormons, but my family has had many experiences with Mormons to label them creepy. The thought of them send chills down my spine. The part about this church that is creepy the most are their peculiar beliefs and stalker/psychopath like system. Mormons do not believe in celebrating holidays, not even birthdays, disapprove in makeup, has racist beliefs, practice and believes in odd marriages that is taboo in the US, also can be similar to the cult Children of God. This cult is an older one basically practiced carnal acts (molestation, etc.). The Mormons practice the same thing but not only with female children. In a later post, I will further share about who founded the Mormon church. His name however was Joseph Smith, from 1830's. Many may not notice this, but I study religions, mainly cults; so I discovered Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are Mormons, and also this LDS are Mormons.

    My mother was baptized by the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' church. At the time, she did not know all about them. She would soon know. If the Drumgole family was converting her to Christianity from Muslim, at least they could have warned her of the evil Christ based churches. Everywhere she went, members of the church would be there. They would watch her and listen to everything she said. Unsure how, but Mormons are capable of knowing everything about you, all your life events and knowing when you moved and everywhere you go without you knowing. My mother would get constant messages, saying how they would like for her to attend meetings. Knowing something eerie was about them, she would never go. Mormons are a church that would lead to the woods like other cults. They were setting her up for ungodly things (being held hostage in the woods, of the prey of men). A man, a leader of the church called my mother saying they won't leave her alone and she will always be a member, and they do not let their members go. He demanded that she come to their meetings, motives evil.

    To this very day, the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has found our address. They also continue to visit and send constant messages to come to their meetings. Even when we have asked them not to contact us and visit, they continue to do so. They always say they won't leave us alone and they won't stop visiting. Once having anything to do with them, they will mark you as a member for life, like what the leader said.

    There is another church that I find eerie as well. Jehovah Witness. This church has similar beliefs and a similar system like the Mormons. There are many other cults and questionable churches in the US. From personal experience, I learned to stay clear away from Mormons and the Jehovah Witness. 

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