Yes, I'm a Gamer!

You know, I am a huge fan of video games. My family owns Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo and others. I am open to almost any game. I just hate short games, I feel cheated when finding out it was a short game I was playing. Recently, I find myself playing less due to my studying and work. I still try to find the time to play. My favourite games:

  1. Mortal Kombat 
  2. Halo series
  3. Diablo 3
  4. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
  5. Champions of Norrath
  6. Lego series
  7. Dead Rising
  8. Mario series
  9. Sonic
  10. Resident Evil 
  11. Tekken series
  12. The Legend of Spyro 
  13. Don't Starve Together
  14. Castle Crashers 
  15. Aqua Kitty UDX?
  16. Portal 2
  17. Pang Adventures
I love many more games. Those are just the ones I can remember. Mostly I like dark, horror, fighting, action/adventure and strategy type games. I like new and old games. PC games I am not a fan, but I sometimes play games on my phone. Not recently though. When I do play them, I prefer anything with cute animals.

My video game personality: I'm the type who giggles at almost anything; always seem to manage to find glitches unintentionally in every game (glitches the entire game has to be restarted); often is too good I finish the game too fast; most cannot defeat me in a fighting versus match. When I am playing with someone else, which is most of the time, I tend to collect all of the coins and things, forcing them to do all the work in the game (unintentionally). Also vice versa, although I do not mind doing all of the work. Others often are too busy they do not notice I'm not helping (or just doesn't say anything), or they point out that they're doing everything. I tend to also laugh when there is a game stopping glitch, lose/die, lost in the game or something even if the other is not laughing.

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