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    Homeschooling may not be for everyone, but for me it was the best choice. I will share my experience in both the public school and homeschooling.

    First, homeschooling many may think is not a good way to learn. Many may be right in certain situations. It will not only if there is no qualified person around to learn from, you have no natural interest in learning and it just won't work out. However, my mother was always in college, and so I learned college leveled education at an early age. I feel homeschooling also allowed me to learn what was relevant, most important in real life. I learned more during homeschooling than in public schooling. Plus I was able to excel and find my calling.

    In public school, I felt I was restricted and taught things that are not useful. What I was learning was Harry Potter and nothing that would expand my education. I do not think knowing every Harry Potter spell will help anyone in the real world. The American public schools can be quite known for this. The things that interested me, I felt the schools did not speak enough about. This led me to conduct my own research. I found an interest in learning more about Native American culture, science, literature, mythology and other things. I feel the only thing that is really important is math, money (but money counting is becoming obsolete), spelling and grammar, but this is taught not enough. The other thing that is important is what is ever relevant to that individual.

    The public schools have always gave me problems. Teachers would pick at everything about me. They would complain about my naturally long nails, for instance. My mother was constantly asked to stop allowing me to wear fake nails. When they discovered they were my own, they told us it was a distraction. I did not see how, neither did my mother. I think this is what started the habit of me cutting my nails down really short. They always had an issue with my religion, although I wasn't doing anything. Every interest I had, teachers forced me to discontinue my interests. They were only writing, animals, wolves, planets, mythology and other harmless things. Due to my strange accent, many were annoyed by this. I could not explain my accent and why I spoke like English wasn't my native language. I was always alienated by teachers because of it. That is why I felt confused about what race I was, and what the Drumgole family were telling us. It was the main reason why I worked hard to learn how to talk without an accent. The worse issue was that the teachers discouraged me anyway they could. I wanted to be a veterinarian and have a career with wolves; so teachers forced me to stop my interests in animals. That is only one example. My potential was always kept down to the point I wasn't for sure what I wanted to do. Many do not know this, but actually I would have enlisted into the US Air Force. I was obsessed and drawn to military history and everything related to the military. This caused me to want to enlist. Joining the Air Force was the only interest they allowed me to keep. If I stayed in public schooling, I would have joined. Also, I would have never became a writer, living doll among other things. So I can say the American public school has been unfair to me, and hindered my education and potential. That is why I know homeschooling was better for me. 

    I have to say though, through all of what I endured in the public school, there is one teacher I would never forget. She was a math teacher and would share her story of surviving the holocaust. No one really listened, but I always did. I found her story interesting. She also told other things that I would not forget.  

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