Thursday, May 19, 2016

Japan Reference Site Review

This is another site I do not recommend, almost for the same reasons I do not recommend Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum.

When trying to ask a question, there is always insulting and criticizing replies to your thread. One didn't understand how someone can make a living out of being a Living Doll. Some cannot, but most find jobs/work and profitable ways for their living doll career. Anyone in the healthcare field would also know that entertaining those of hospice care or in the home care field is a part of the job. Many facilities like that the patient is entertained and their minds off of dying. It would also be under activities and entertainment. There are many other ways a living doll can profit from their lifestyle. Becoming a model or anything else. Here is the post (the people who replied are not Japanese):

It gives me the impression (also through other research) that Japanese people are rude and have a lot of attitude. I have read some findings confirming Japanese may not be the friendliest people. This does not bother me, but the forum itself is annoying due to the back and forth arguing you have to do. Honestly, these users make Japan and Japanese people look bad to others. It gives those the impression (at least me and my manager) that Japanese people are confrontational, rude in every way, unprofessional, short tempered, ignorant, unintelligent but they are just know it alls. This can turn many away from Japan and Japanese people, or anything to do with Japan. If you have a I love Japan poster or shirt, it would make you want to destroy it. I am aware not all Japanese behave this way, but it is just the people on this site that are this way.

I believe all of these recommended sites, and also these writing groups are not really needed at all. I will further discuss this. However, I disagree with all of these experts who says you need to join these sites. 

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