Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Argument About Japan and Muslims

Since there seems to be a heated argument about my post, I have took the time to write an explanation. None of these people were qualified to challenge my knowledge. This is especially when they did not know about these restrictions in Japan. Anyone studying Japan's laws can find this information however.

What many may not have comprehended or missed, is that I said it was not always the case. It wasn't always the case Japan does not allow Muslims permanent citizenship. However, I have read many government and business material of Japan saying Japan does in fact have restrictions for Muslims. According to InfoWars and Japan's government, they do not ban all Muslims. They allow residence, tourism and even have Halal food available. Why do you think I mentioned Halal foods in my previous post about moving to Japan? With that said, those of Muslim faith may have more difficulties than any other kind. I was referring to only long term residency in Japan. In this case, the Muslim number is low, but it is not nonexistent. I have read Japan is one of the luckiest countries to not have Islamic terrorist attacks. I was not going to go there or mention anything of this sort, but many criticizers caused me to not care at all. If you look further into Japan's politics, government and laws you can discover this. It is not like the information is not available to everyone. There is however some debate regarding this. While most say this is the case, some may say it is not. This is the same as the views about any outsider of Japan. Let's be frank about that. Any outsider can have difficulty trying to live and work in Japan. They even made certain those who plan a long term residence knows their Japanese language, laws and requirements. I do not have to explain myself, but I wasn't even saying they do not allow Muslims or Arabs at all. There are more difficulties however for some races/kinds than others. All anyone requires to do is to learn Japanese, abide by Japan's laws, government and what is required.

My sources originate from business professionals, government, official books and sites. I do not get any information from those who assume they know it all, or everything about Japan or any of my information I have.

Another note; I was not trashing Japanese people as what many criticize I was doing. That would be pretty ignorant of me to trash the kind and country I am moving to. This is double when I am not even Japanese (not 100%). I go by my research which does happen to be replicable sources. I also listen to what actual Japanese people have to say about specific topics. In fact, I stated I know all Japanese people are not rude. The people who were criticizing my statements were not even Japanese, so. For others however, it can give those impressions and bad views of Japan and Japanese people. They are intelligent, hard working and are business oriented people I prefer, which I can relate to. I will accept all of their laws, requirements, language and everything about Japan in order to have a long term residence. No one can discourage me from moving to Japan. I've gotten so much criticism, it no longer affects me.     

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