Saturday, May 7, 2016

When You Know You're Adopted

Nothing can depress someone more to find out your mother isn't your biological mother, and your family isn't really your family. Confusion arises, along with many questions. You know, it makes things a whole lot worse when the person who adopted you continues to lie, but giving off hints they know you aren't kin to them. Stuff doesn't quite make sense when (also includes personal issues)...

  1. Your mother is incapable of sharing detailed descriptions of your birth. Plus, she always answers with a different answer every time you ask. 
  2. She has no pictures of you when you were younger or a baby.
  3.  She is unsure where you were born, and gives you different stories and locations. 
  4. Your family you notice is not the same race you are. It can be confusing when they are telling you, you are their same race. Also forcing you to say you are their race. Nothing is quite making sense though.
  5. If you have an accent (in which we do), you wonder why you are the only to have one. 
  6. There is some sort of detachment to the family or your "mother"
  7. You notice you do not resemble any of your family, not even your mother. 
  8. Those awkward DNA test's matches saying they found one trait in the family, but not you. 
  9. Your birth certificate looks generic. 
  10. You notice the family seems to have to convert you to their religion. Accepting that religion isn't really a choice, it is forced. Also trying hard to force you to stop natural, but different cultural habits.  
I learned about adopting children from the Middle Eastern countries, which is now making sense. What I read was that the adoptive family does everything to break any Middle Eastern and Muslim customs, traditions and habits the child may pick up. This includes knowing the Arabic language. I did notice now that my mother's adoptive family has done this to her and to my sister and me. They went to extremes to make certain we would not adopt any ways from the Middle Eastern countries or Muslim belief. We all were forced into Christianity, but we willingly accept the religion.  

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