• 19 June, 2016

    I recently learned more about my family's heritage of Ahiska Turks, also known as Meskhetian and Akhaltsikhe. What was discovered caused some sort of frustration and relief at the same time. We were glad to have found out about one of many of our heritages. Still, a bit frustrated we weren't told before.

    I read about Ahiska Turks originating from Georgia, and between the border of Turkey. Many are unaware their exact origins and history prior to 1926. Also, about these individuals being refugees. Prior to this information, I was oblivious to this race and confused when my step-grandma gave us hints that we have Russian traits. We were like, what did you say? She of course denies telling us this after sharing information about Ahiska Turks. Sometimes my family has Russian accents, but it changes. It now makes sense. I read Ahiska Turks' languages are Turkish (different than in Turkey), Russian and Uzbek. Their presence in Russia, although perhaps not entirely welcomed also is making things more clearer.

    Due to the reading I have done, so far I have found out of discrimination and dislike of Ahiska Turks. 2004, was when the US started allowing refugees into the country. They were treated differently than in Russia.

    I mentioned this trait due to the race being kind of rare. The pure Ahiska Turks are even rarer. Our family are ones the 100% was not preserved well. Yes, it does seem however they are some sort of a mixed race. The other reason was that there isn't much information on Ahiska Turks. I am still trying to learn more though. All I did learn is their civil rights progress, where they are located and the cultural combination of Turkish, Russian and others. Also similarity in behaviour and habits.

    The Ahiska Turks seem nonexistent to me and went through quite a lot throughout history. My mission is to help those such as this. However, I feel a particular race has been given the most injustices, indignities and mistreatment, Native Americans or Indigenous people. Of course I am sure most knows what a Turkish person is. With a simple explanation, it can be understood. However, it is sad when everyone doesn't know what a Native American or an Indigenous person is like they do not exist. When trying to explain, confusion remains. In a way, my family feels a connection to these people; even more now due to our Ahiska heritage. I will continue this later on.      

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