Monday, June 6, 2016

Terrorist Groups in the US

For this, I will be more straightforward about this subject. It is a serious issue in the US, especially with the incidents that has happened.

ISIS is a terrorist group based off the religion Islam. What is the difference between ISIS and the KKK? Nothing at all. The only difference are different motives, religion, beliefs and race.

The KKK was founded by Confederate soldier veterans in 1865. During the 1920's was when the cult reached its highest and most violent moment in time. They may have dwindled a bit, but never left. Today it proves that the cult has always been around. 2015 and 2016 I believe is when they grew stronger. There are many groups such as the KKK that were founded. You have Neo-Nazi, Skinhead, NRA (was founded similar to the KKK), White Nationalist, Aryan and others. They mainly hide in the shadows or in the woods, but now they are no longer hiding as much.

The Klan continues to involve themselves in terrorist type activity, make terroristic statements and acts out violence. They have many weapons that are illegal to the rest of the US. Somehow these groups are capable of obtaining them. I have heard these groups state they will enter public establishments to harass and kill all who are not their kind. As stated, they shall come with smoke bombs, explosives/bombs, machine guns, rifles, pepper spray, flamethrowers, thermonuclear weapons, nooses (of course), brass knuckles, and other weapons. What is worse is that the KKK is not all talk. They have performed these acts before. I do believe they will strike again, like they have almost everyday. These groups may say they are not violent, but they indeed will never hesitate to attack anyway they wish. This has always been a group of hate, seeking for violence, bloodshed and chaos. They are known to be sadistic, callous and heinous. It is alarming to watch members teach their children to also hate. The young ones have also been known to be violent. Despite all of this, by the first amendment and others I am sure, the US has made it a law that the KKK are protected. They have rights to have their "freedom of speech" and recruit members just as long as it isn't violent. However, plenty of times they are violent. Nonetheless, the law favours them and does nothing about the crimes. Don't depend on the police or FBI to help you when having a problem with the KKK.

The KKK are not as secretive about recruiting members as they were. Now, it is not uncommon to see recruitment fliers and messages in public or on doors.

The KKK worries me since this has became a growing issue. Their beliefs are of Anti-African American, Anti-Jew, Holocaust Denial, Anti-Arab, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Hispanic, Anti-transgender/gay, Anti-Catholic, etc. Basically anything that they feel goes against the Bible and that is not their kind. They perform all of these acts in the name of God, and believe this is what God wants. All of their beliefs are based solely upon their own interpretation of Christianity. The KKK feels those who are 100% white are only accepted and is superior over everyone, over all other races. Of course 100% Europeans in other countries are also welcomed into their cults. They are strongly against race mixing, especially if their own kind mixes. This is dishonor and a disgrace. The reference is from one piece in the Bible where God divided everyone. In the beginning, due to arrogance, people spoke in different languages and were scattered abroad. There are also many suggestions in the Bible saying God wishes for everyone to remain with their own kind. This is the key element the KKK uses as reference.

No, it is not wrong to be proud of your heritage or what you are. Hate, prejudice and violence is not okay.     

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