06 June, 2016

Why I Chose My Mother to be my Manager

I believe I made a smart decision in allowing my mother to become my manager. By the way, she is my manager for my living doll career and writing career. Here is a list of reasons:

  • My mother has 7 degrees. Her 7th was in Rasmussen College for a Healthcare Management, Bachelor's of Science. Currently, she is working on her 8th degree which is a master's degree in Southern New Hampshire University. She is an upcoming business owner, CEO and is an expert in business, marketing, health and many other things. She has many degrees in psychology as well as many other degrees. While I do my own studying, she shares with me her education. Psychology is highly useful for character development. 
  • Honestly, I would not trust anyone else with my work and any of my ideas. I share my ideas with no one but my mother; that would mean she would be the only to know everything about my projects. I never even told this to the rest of my family or the adoptive family. Anyone else I know they would run off with my ideas. My mother is the only trustworthy individual for looking over my projects and managing my living doll career. Many experts say it is best to get someone other than family or friends to view your work. For example, someone like an editor, professor, librarian or someone else qualified enough. However, I am not that trusting as the rest of the world is, especially when none of my work is copyrighted yet. Believe me though, my mother is not afraid to share her straightforward and honest criticism and/or opinion of my project, character, idea and other things. She has even told me truthfully if my idea wasn't good at all. That is even if I get upset.
  • Being my manager for my living doll career, my mother is not one who would use me for her ticket to get rich or fame. Also, I know all of my ideas for my living doll career will not be stolen by her.
  • My mother has given me great ideas for all of my projects. She shares it without needing something in return for it. Not to worry though. I'll make sure to give credit where credit is due, and I plan to make sure my mother is paid for being my manager.  

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