Friday, July 22, 2016

Americans Are Becoming Too Paranoid, Some Are Just Plain Cruel

Due to the terrorist attacks, everyone has been giving my family a hard time. An even harder time than usual. First the clinics and hospitals. Doctors have forced psychotherapists on my family. They redundantly asks if we feel like harming others. The therapists and doctors are worried that we might harm someone and is keeping a close eye on us. This is only because of my family's race. They are still trying to place us into a psych ward. We know how the system works. I also know what happens in mental institutions.

I heard that a law was recently passed for mental illnesses as well. My family discovered this when watching Paul Ryan on CNN. Anyway, the mental institutions are horrible and mental illness is frowned upon in the U.S. It is also treated like a crime. I write about psych wards and that is how I was able to get a closer look into the facilities. Chains are used to restrain the patients. There is also severe abuse, mistreatment and torture that continues. I was shocked, but they even use shock treatment. Without the fancy words, I will explain how horrible shock treatment is. This is a primitive method where the patient is shocked multiple times until saying what the therapist wishes for them to say. This is not helping anyone. It is sad for those who truly are hurting and need real help. You call that help America? I don't. They are beginning to separate non-whites from whites in the facilities.

With that in our minds, my family is afraid. We have lost all trusts in doctors, nurses, therapists, clinics and hospitals. I have even stopped being seen because of it. That is even if I believe to have a serious injury. I would rather sit at home, than to be interrogated like I'm some terrorist. I don't think it's fair to subject people to this only because they are of Middle Eastern descent. Doctors and therapists are more brooding because my family is mixed. Also, yes my mother does own 2 guns. We have never used them or plan to. However, I feel no one wants us to protect ourselves. The recent psychotherapist called the gun seller where my mother purchased the guns from. She questioned us, sounding like she is paranoid we would copy the Orlando massacre or something. We have told them we have Ku Klux Klan on our block, the next block and all around the town. They have threatened us plenty of times. The KKK is protected, but where is our protection? We have none. However, we have no intentions on harming anyone. We are just scared for our safety. That is another reason we are moving. They are trying to keep all minorities under control. Throwing us in a psych ward is not the solution. With that psychotherapist calling the gun seller, we are not even sure if she placed us on some list. Facebook is also involved in this as well.

I mean, having Google and possibly the government to question if I am a legal immigrant; plus almost getting deported to Afghanistan is the reason I loathe Facebook. I was fully aware someone's information is never 100% secure online. Therefore, that wasn't the main reason I disliked Facebook.

I understand they are scared, but we don't want to harm anyone. In a way however, I don't understand why. It is unfair, profiling, stereotyping and plain racist to examine our mixed heritages and treat us so poorly. They have told us about violence done by the Turkish, Iranians (most recently American soldiers being held hostage), Iraqis, Egyptians, Russians and the others. However, the therapists listed all of our mixes. This is not fair, especially bringing up Turkish violence. Turkey has also been a victim of terrorist attacks. We have nothing to do with any of those things anyway.

I wanted to also mention the Vet, animal clinics and hospitals. The truth was when Tangie, our dog was ill, they had no interest in helping him. They even boldly told us to stop coming to their facilities. Everyone was so mean and prejudice. I don't think it was fair to allow a dog to suffer only because the owners are not 100% white. Even if they didn't like us, they could have taken care of our dog. It was their job; plus if they loved animals as they claimed. This was all of the clinics and hospitals we have taken Tangie to. Some Vets were even bold, saying they refuse to see our dog again or ever. We researched about the requirements for taking a pet to Japan. When trying to set this up, everyone at the clinic refused to help us with that. When Tangie died, that is when they felt guilty for being cruel to us and our dog. I mean, that didn't make any sense. Our race shouldn't have hindered them from taking care of our pet. It is too late now.

This is not only for our race, but all minorities/non-whites. Just because of our race, that doesn't mean we don't deserve respect and kindness. No one should be mistreated because of something done by someone else of our race. We have emotions and feelings too. Most of times, it doesn't affect us. However there is so much we can take. My family sometimes would be in tears after someone yells at us; refuses to shake our hand; arrogantly refuses to touch something we have touched or uses hand sanitizer after handling something we have touched; throwing things in our face and other hurtful things. Cut us, we bleed the same; although it is a disgusting concept to the White Nationalist, but we have the same organs and body parts as they do. We should not be treated less of a human because of our race.

I heard some bigot say we should be grateful that we were even allowed into their society. The thing is, it is not their society or land. It is not our land neither. The land belongs to the Native Americans.

Anyway, it seems to me Americans have become so paranoid that they go to extremes to keep themselves safe. Unfortunately, we are the victims of their paranoia.

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