Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nenets Herding Laika: Russia's Rare Beauties

Nenets Herding Laika is an Arctic Breed that originates from Russia. Much like the Samoyed, they were used for herding Reindeer and transportation by the Nentsy tribe. This was an ancient Nomad tribe, much like the Inuits. Their history and temperament is basically similar to the Samoyed. Many may argue they are the same as a Samoyed. Samoyeds are considered the white Laika of Nenets dogs. It is said Laika is a Russian word meaning "barking dog."

Their colors are black and white, tan, grey and black. The ideal environment is in the Russian, Canadian, Alaskan or other Arctic regions. Like many of these breed types, Nenets Dogs are not designed to be an average pet type dog. This means a musher would be a better fit. They behave similar to the Greenland dogs, also can survive in harsh conditions in low nourishment. Also, Nenets are known to be loyal, loving, but boisterous.

The Nenets Herding Laika is one of few dogs I always wanted to own. They seemed easier to find. Also breeders in Russia were more willing to sale my family a puppy. The breeder insisted that we take all of puppies. If there wasn't a two dog limit in Anoka County, I would have. The only catch is travelling to Russia. There can also be an issue of that language barrier if you don't know Russian. Also, the US and Russian relationship is not good.

In the United States, the Laika dog is almost nonexistent. In fact, no one has heard of this breed before. I believe however all of the beautiful Laika breeds deserve more recognition...   

Review: Oakhill Baptist Church

Oakhill Baptist Church is located in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. The pastors are David Briley and pastor Widen. Originally, it was a school and later became the church we know today. A photo will be added later. Now, it's heavily occupied by people of the Klan. I will take a photograph when no one is outside.

Oakhill Baptist would be a nice church for a selected few. If you are of European descent (100%), old fashion and dislikes diversity, this is the church for you. You can say whatever racist comment you wish without any repercussions. I believe this church is also for the older generation. They have no room for flexibility or changing with the times. Believe me too, they are bold. Let me give some personal examples of how. A group of people were walking past saying, "We don't want any zipper eyes, N******, or savage reds in our church." Later I learned their last comment was referring to my family, Russian people. It is referring to the communist revolution. At the time, I didn't know we had any Russian traits. How did they know that? Anyway, I was shocked how loosely they used the N word. They are hesitant about accepting gifts and food from minorities. The church staff even told us to stop bringing things. That was until they found out our food was great. Then they told us when, how and where to bring our food. We were instructed what to cook and how to cook it. I felt like saying, "oh yes 'em boss." The pastor however boldly told us we are not members of the church, and we never will become one. No one is interested in having our kind join. Before we even stepped foot into the church, they did some extra screening. My mother was a Sunday School teacher for Oakhill Baptist Church, for no pay of course. We got sick of being monitored and questioned if we were teaching the children the same as their kind is taught. Also, being treated like their slaves.

It's like going back to the Jim Crow days. Minorities are gathered together and placed in the back. One time my family sat in the middle of the pews during a sermon. Then people started coming to the staff, "They are not sitting in the back." We would be asked why are we sitting there. I was thinking, seriously? My family was directed to sit in the far back.

When trying to suggest how to expand their church, they whether not hear it. I think the church is stuck in their old Jim Crow ways. They are biased, doesn't believe in equality, hates change, and their main priority is money. There is no way for diversity with their music as well. I find it strange how a pastor avoids talking about God. Seriously, the pastor would quickly tell you he doesn't want to hear anything about religion. Everyone there is extremely hateful. When bringing this to the pastor's attention that we won't return, he told us leave then, bye. He wanted us to continue sending money to the church though (without entering the church). I was like, wow. He told us also it didn't make any sense for us to stop attending church because people are racist, and don't want us there. Why go somewhere obviously no one accepts your presence? You can just feel intense hate.

I am aware I posted an answer by David Briley about ghosts. However, I don't believe this much hate should exist, still exist. Well, that's about all of my review. I just don't recommend this church to anyone. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Living Dolls' Confidence Level

Artwork Done by selene-bunny

The self confidence of a living doll can vary. I ran across a valid question, what happens when we remove our doll makeup, clothing and wigs? Some (not all) living dolls may have an issue with this. Others though, it is obvious of their self confidence. Then there are those who put on a facade. No, I am not trying to criticize, but to make a point. I think it is important while loving the person you become as a living doll, you still like yourself. My mother discussed this with me. She made great points that I would have to also like myself.

Eventually, living dolls remove their living doll gear. What happens then? I think it is kind of sad for those who dislike themselves, and only like the living doll they portray. These types often get cosmetic surgery, buy the clothes, makeup, accessories, wigs but never feels satisfied with themselves. People are insensitive about this. Being a new living doll, I completely understand. I am also a good listener. To combat this is trying to also find something you like about yourself. I mean, the reason living dolls will not be happy are that they are still this person they dislike. The thing they like in reality is the doll, figurine or character that is portrayed. My mother told me even if others say I'm pretty, I have to believe this for myself. Do I personally think so? Good question.

It doesn't help when you are receiving constant criticism and when someone tells you, you are ugly or not pretty enough. Humans just don't realize and care how damaging that can be. This is especially to someone who feels they are not pretty enough to be a living doll. Often this can also be another issue. Some question am I living doll material? Am I pretty enough to become a living doll? Am I pretty at all? They can even get intimidated by other very beautiful living dolls. The ones in the media can be even more intimidating. You ask, am I pretty enough to upload my pictures? When you see many gorgeous living dolls, this can discourage some from pursuing a living doll career/lifestyle. I have even seen those who become envious. My mother is straightforward and honest. This is something I admire about her. She makes a point that there is always someone who will be prettier than you. I believe she is right. If comparing yourself to others, it can decrease your low self esteem fast. Also create a jealous person.

I think those around them should kindly assure they are pretty. However, the living dolls must do their part. No, I don't believe in consulting with a therapist. All they want to do is throw everyone in a psych ward and drug them. I have seen also how insensitive therapists can be. They are so phony and backstabbing. This is not the correct solution. I think therapists shouldn't get involved in anything.

I shall end this with exercises my mother shared with me. This is something my family often practices. For a start, make a list of things you like about yourself. I also believe in bringing things into existence. No, this is not being delusional but positive. I repeat the goal I want, as if I already achieved it.    

Friday, August 26, 2016

Why I Prefer no Comments

Recently, I remembered my request I made to humans. Many share the benefits of having others to like and comment on your blog, shared post and Youtube video. However, I tend to disagree. I don't mind hearing other people's opinions, although I dislike living for their opinions. There will always be someone to disagree and who will be negative. I learned to have a disconnection with all comments. I care not if others do not believe me when I say I have started the amount of projects, I'm mixed with all the backgrounds I have said, others think being a living doll is insane and other opinions. Becoming a living doll, I am more prone to harsh criticism. The comments are ridiculous. I feel I can do whatever I wish. It is ludicrous how people try to tell others how to live their life, what to do with their own body and money. That is double for those who never accomplished anything themselves.

I may not even read reviews for my projects. There is always someone who will negatively try to discourage you.

I am more of an observer than someone who will interact. That is what I prefer. I'm not use to doing anything social. Being introverted is not a negative trait as many claim. It has been my advantage in many things. With that stated, that does not mean I am unapproachable.

 Well that's just my thoughts on comments...       

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Restricted Information?

My final attempt to find something about the history of my family's house, nothing came up again. However, I discovered something strange. In the historic archives, it told me that I reached restricted information. Every source to get the history of the house, I came across this. How come all information about the house is restricted? This seemed suspicious.

I spoken with many from the Anoka County Historical Society. They told me how they have no evidence of property built prior to the late 1800's. Actually, it was illegal for those of European descent to build before the early 1900's. Everyone I speak to however, they all seem like they are withholding information. Could this mean our house was built illegally? What happened that it had to become restricted information? When bringing this to the historian's attention, they never have an answer for that. There are many signs the house was built much earlier. In addition, it is quite obvious the house was built on important Native American grounds. I read about the 1851 Treaty of Traverse des Sioux for the Dakota Tribe and the United States.

My family discovered something odd about the property as well. We found a small shed underneath the house, a slave house. This seemed out of the ordinary in Minnesota. That was until I found a document, telling of rare trading of slaves by soldiers, lawyers and doctors. These men had a huge involvement with Fort Snelling, from 1700's-1800's. When names and faces were found, they looked and seemed familiar. We recognized them as one of many spirits in our house.

Recently someone told my family it could have been built in 1893. Another document estimated it was built in 1819. That is all we know. I suppose that's all we'll know.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

When People Take the Time to Adopt Children

If people are looking to adopt a child, I feel there are serious issues in this process. After my family's experience, I would like to share my concerns. I have been thinking about this topic for awhile now. This is another reason I will mention it.

Adoptive family's should make sure that everyone of the family accepts the child. I think also putting the child through abuse, neglect and mistreatment defeats the purpose in adopting. Ask yourself, what is your motive behind adopting a child anyway? I am strongly against those who adopt for sinister reasons. It is wrong to especially adopt from foreign countries if the child will not be treated right. The first assumption is that you plan to give the child a better life in the United States. If your plan is not this, then I feel the children should be left in the country. How would living in your country be better if they are abused? Well, I say this because of my own family's horrible experience.  

1. Acceptance 


Again, I think accepting the child whether they are the same race you are or not is essential. It is also emotionally healthy for them. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend the reason someone would adopt someone of an ethnic race you loathe. What is the purpose? Don't just adopt because you think the child is beautiful for a second. 

I believe no one in the family should treat adopted people as if they don't belong in their family. Being adopted can be difficult and depressing enough. The family doesn't realize how depressing it is for constant remarks that you're not their family, racist statements and making it obvious you don't belong. No matter if there is no physical abuse. Psychological and emotional abuse is the worse to put up with. Majority of adoptive families are insensitive about this. Instead, I believe these people needs to be assured that they do belong in the family. Also adopted people do have worth.

Just keep in mind, it is the worse feeling when you know someone gave you away. The situation sort of doesn't matter. There was a possibility a family member of the adopted person could have taken in the person. However, no one stepped up to do so. It is hurtful to feel you don't belong anywhere and you are out of place. Also, you are unwanted. The most depressing and unshakeable thought is someone throwing you away like you're worthless. 

2. Religion

Although this may not be a common issue, it remains to be a serious problem. If people cannot properly deal with possible religious differences, it is best not to adopt. I understand that adopting Muslim children can be even more challenging. That is especially if the adoptive family is Christian. No matter. The child I feel should be given a choice. Even if you plan to convert, I don't think using all forms of abuse is the correct way in forcing the child into your religion. No child should be forced, but gently directed.

3. Knowing Where They Came From


Adopted families should grant the adopted person of knowing their origins and their own background. It is most upsetting going through life not knowing these things. Many people take for granted being aware of their race, heritage, real family and where did they originate from. In my opinion, it is abusive to be dishonest; this is especially when the adopted person is fully aware they were adopted. However, I do understand concerns with telling the person. Many are uncertain about their reaction of being adopted. Still, I feel the person has a right to know. If they ask, tell them.    

I believe adopted people are not getting the proper respect they deserve. If people are taking time away to adopt a child, at least give them the best life you can. 


Monday, August 22, 2016

Animal Lives are Important Too

After the death of my family's dog, I felt compelled to write about the injustices for animals. It is not fair to treat animals like they have no value. Also, when they die to be insensitive and say, "It was just a dog." I'm not talking about different countries, but the United States. Americans are so quick to point out animal cruelty and disconnection, but fail to notice their own cruelty. Most fail to realize it's not just an animal. A pet becomes a part of your family. It is more than just an animal, it is a family member. If you cannot grasp that, then maybe you should not have a pet. That is just not fair to them. They all should be treated like they have worth.

My mother wished to take action for animal rights. I agreed to help. In so many ways, our dog's death was an injustice for animals. I can't do anything to a ghost, but the people who failed Tangie, something can be done about them. The CEO of Unity Hospital just showed her bigotry and heartlessness. My mother and I met Helen Strike. I suppose her and the Allina workers were doing this famous "Minnesota Nice" act. You know, some Minnesotans will not make their racism evident. After Trump's presence, majority are not hiding it as much. Our dog was a service dog and he helped for hospice care. At the hospital, my family was kicked out because of Tangie. This wasn't his first time visiting. The law is not withheld that a service dog is not suppose to be refused. However, they didn't care, not even the police cared. I believe service dogs are not honored and respected as they should be. Many human beings decline these service dogs. I think they deserve better respect for the service they give. My family believes it is an injustice. For the president of a hospital to give false accusations that the dog was dirty, diseased and had no shots was an insult. Only because the dog belonged to a minority. That is not a fair statement to claim we do not take good care of our animals. 

Also, there is another issue that greatly offended me. White supremacists claim only Europeans (100% white) genuinely care and are the only to truly treat animals with respect. They are the only kind to love animals. With their time, bigots find videos, photos and reports of animal cruelty from minorities. The most guilty are Arabs, Turkish, Russians, Armenians, Indians (India), African Americans and of course Asians (East). Arabs, Turks and East Asians are the worst. Those of Middle Eastern descent are considered as sadistic and enjoys torturing animals. I mentioned this because I'm not going to allow them to continue on with that nonsense. Not how my family nurture animals like they are our own. Also, not how much the family cried over our dog. It is a daily basis and we became depressed. We loved our dog. If I hear another one of those uppity, prissy, racist girls say this again, I won't hold back pulling them by the hair and knocking the hell out of them. Excuse me, I just take this issue seriously. My family are sensitive when it comes to animals.

I will try to narrow my topics. For my cause, I will write more about Native Americans, animals, writing and the issue in the United States. Since I believe living dolls get too much criticism, I will include them as well. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Covering the Misunderstanding of Living Dolls

Many people I noticed have a misunderstanding of the concept living doll. The first reaction is confusion and then misconception. I would like to fully explain what is a living doll.

No, we are not running some brothel business here. This is the first misconception. Many people have confused living dolls with the whores you see online. That is completely different. Not even in the same category. Although I am a living doll, I do conduct myself still as a business professional, and professional, well respected nurse. Also recently, I became an entrepreneur. I am offended when people compare my living doll career to some porn star.

However, I see how some people can confuse us with whores. Yes, there is a pattern where living dolls wish to make a profit out of their lifestyle. Some (NOT ALL) do choose to go into adult entertainment. With that stated, please don't believe this is all living dolls. There are very classy living dolls. My favourite in particular is Venus Angelic, Dakota Rose and the others who doesn't conduct themselves as such. There are also thousands of classy living dolls on Tumblr and Instagram. People can get this assumption as well due to some living dolls wear provocative clothing, and take racy pictures. This shouldn't be the stereotype for all living dolls.

The Real Motivation of Living Dolls (and Information about my career)


Being a living doll is a way of life, a lifestyle. We wear kawaii, cute, dollie, lolita or whatever suits the living doll's lifestyle. For us, this is our daily attire. My motivation at least is innocent, like many living dolls. Our only motivation is to express ourselves, feel more confident, beautify us and to prove to the world someone can become a real life human doll. Literally. The definition is someone who wants to look like a doll, anime character, cartoon or a figurine. Merely, I am not seeking attention or anything. I think the living doll society is beautiful, elegant, unique and incredible. In our world, there is no racism or discrimination. It is a society where living dolls are not judged by their race, background, religion or anything. 

Don't get me wrong, the living doll society is not perfect. You may run across others who turn it into a competition. This is why I try to be wary of many other living dolls. Also, there are those who can become envious of each other. 

For me, my goal like earlier is to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll. Why? Because being a living doll is beautiful. I think the Ellowyne Wilde doll is also beautiful and elegant. It is a beauty not everyone can understand. Let me try to explain our beautiful world. I think it is amazing how people can look so pretty and exactly like a barbie. It gives the world the illusion we are perfect. I comprehend we are human, but it makes us look so perfect without flaws. 

An interesting discovery, but I found out I am one of few of my kind to pursue an extreme living doll career. Of course there's Russian extreme living dolls, but not many Turkish, Arab, Indian ones. Especially the countries that makes up my DNA. Living dolls are kind of like beauty pageants. We represent our native country and ethnicity. These things are constantly brought up. Yes, and your age. Being mixed, I represent innumerable races. It is so annoying what others expect out of me as a living doll only because I'm so "Exotic". 
Just because of my heritage, I will not be a provocative living doll. This shouldn't mean exotic and trashy. I'm classy, professional, business oriented and respectful. If any cleavage is shown for any occasion, it is pure accident. I notice it happens occasionally, but I am not a trashy living doll. I hope to end the misconception of our perfect world.   


Just Watched Botched (Plastic Surgery Show)

I know I said the next post would be about my music interests, but something that I watched greatly interested me even more. I will discuss...