22 August, 2016

Animal Lives are Important Too

After the death of my family's dog, I felt compelled to write about the injustices for animals. It is not fair to treat animals like they have no value. Also, when they die to be insensitive and say, "It was just a dog." I'm not talking about different countries, but the United States. Americans are so quick to point out animal cruelty and disconnection, but fail to notice their own cruelty. Most fail to realize it's not just an animal. A pet becomes a part of your family. It is more than just an animal, it is a family member. If you cannot grasp that, then maybe you should not have a pet. That is just not fair to them. They all should be treated like they have worth.

My mother wished to take action for animal rights. I agreed to help. In so many ways, our dog's death was an injustice for animals. I can't do anything to a ghost, but the people who failed Tangie, something can be done about them. The CEO of Unity Hospital just showed her bigotry and heartlessness. My mother and I met Helen Strike. I suppose her and the Allina workers were doing this famous "Minnesota Nice" act. You know, some Minnesotans will not make their racism evident. After Trump's presence, majority are not hiding it as much. Our dog was a service dog and he helped for hospice care. At the hospital, my family was kicked out because of Tangie. This wasn't his first time visiting. The law is not withheld that a service dog is not suppose to be refused. However, they didn't care, not even the police cared. I believe service dogs are not honored and respected as they should be. Many human beings decline these service dogs. I think they deserve better respect for the service they give. My family believes it is an injustice. For the president of a hospital to give false accusations that the dog was dirty, diseased and had no shots was an insult. Only because the dog belonged to a minority. That is not a fair statement to claim we do not take good care of our animals. 

Also, there is another issue that greatly offended me. White supremacists claim only Europeans (100% white) genuinely care and are the only to truly treat animals with respect. They are the only kind to love animals. With their time, bigots find videos, photos and reports of animal cruelty from minorities. The most guilty are Arabs, Turkish, Russians, Armenians, Indians (India), African Americans and of course Asians (East). Arabs, Turks and East Asians are the worst. Those of Middle Eastern descent are considered as sadistic and enjoys torturing animals. I mentioned this because I'm not going to allow them to continue on with that nonsense. Not how my family nurture animals like they are our own. Also, not how much the family cried over our dog. It is a daily basis and we became depressed. We loved our dog. If I hear another one of those uppity, prissy, racist girls say this again, I won't hold back pulling them by the hair and knocking the hell out of them. Excuse me, I just take this issue seriously. My family are sensitive when it comes to animals.

I will try to narrow my topics. For my cause, I will write more about Native Americans, animals, writing and the issue in the United States. Since I believe living dolls get too much criticism, I will include them as well. 

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