Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review: Oakhill Baptist Church

Oakhill Baptist Church is located in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. The pastors are David Briley and pastor Widen. Originally, it was a school and later became the church we know today. A photo will be added later. Now, it's heavily occupied by people of the Klan. I will take a photograph when no one is outside.

Oakhill Baptist would be a nice church for a selected few. If you are of European descent (100%), old fashion and dislikes diversity, this is the church for you. You can say whatever racist comment you wish without any repercussions. I believe this church is also for the older generation. They have no room for flexibility or changing with the times. Believe me too, they are bold. Let me give some personal examples of how. A group of people were walking past saying, "We don't want any zipper eyes, N******, or savage reds in our church." Later I learned their last comment was referring to my family, Russian people. It is referring to the communist revolution. At the time, I didn't know we had any Russian traits. How did they know that? Anyway, I was shocked how loosely they used the N word. They are hesitant about accepting gifts and food from minorities. The church staff even told us to stop bringing things. That was until they found out our food was great. Then they told us when, how and where to bring our food. We were instructed what to cook and how to cook it. I felt like saying, "oh yes 'em boss." The pastor however boldly told us we are not members of the church, and we never will become one. No one is interested in having our kind join. Before we even stepped foot into the church, they did some extra screening. My mother was a Sunday School teacher for Oakhill Baptist Church, for no pay of course. We got sick of being monitored and questioned if we were teaching the children the same as their kind is taught. Also, being treated like their slaves.

It's like going back to the Jim Crow days. Minorities are gathered together and placed in the back. One time my family sat in the middle of the pews during a sermon. Then people started coming to the staff, "They are not sitting in the back." We would be asked why are we sitting there. I was thinking, seriously? My family was directed to sit in the far back.

When trying to suggest how to expand their church, they whether not hear it. I think the church is stuck in their old Jim Crow ways. They are biased, doesn't believe in equality, hates change, and their main priority is money. There is no way for diversity with their music as well. I find it strange how a pastor avoids talking about God. Seriously, the pastor would quickly tell you he doesn't want to hear anything about religion. Everyone there is extremely hateful. When bringing this to the pastor's attention that we won't return, he told us leave then, bye. He wanted us to continue sending money to the church though (without entering the church). I was like, wow. He told us also it didn't make any sense for us to stop attending church because people are racist, and don't want us there. Why go somewhere obviously no one accepts your presence? You can just feel intense hate.

I am aware I posted an answer by David Briley about ghosts. However, I don't believe this much hate should exist, still exist. Well, that's about all of my review. I just don't recommend this church to anyone. 

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