Tuesday, August 23, 2016

When People Take the Time to Adopt Children

If people are looking to adopt a child, I feel there are serious issues in this process. After my family's experience, I would like to share my concerns. I have been thinking about this topic for awhile now. This is another reason I will mention it.

Adoptive family's should make sure that everyone of the family accepts the child. I think also putting the child through abuse, neglect and mistreatment defeats the purpose in adopting. Ask yourself, what is your motive behind adopting a child anyway? I am strongly against those who adopt for sinister reasons. It is wrong to especially adopt from foreign countries if the child will not be treated right. The first assumption is that you plan to give the child a better life in the United States. If your plan is not this, then I feel the children should be left in the country. How would living in your country be better if they are abused? Well, I say this because of my own family's horrible experience.  

1. Acceptance 


Again, I think accepting the child whether they are the same race you are or not is essential. It is also emotionally healthy for them. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend the reason someone would adopt someone of an ethnic race you loathe. What is the purpose? Don't just adopt because you think the child is beautiful for a second. 

I believe no one in the family should treat adopted people as if they don't belong in their family. Being adopted can be difficult and depressing enough. The family doesn't realize how depressing it is for constant remarks that you're not their family, racist statements and making it obvious you don't belong. No matter if there is no physical abuse. Psychological and emotional abuse is the worse to put up with. Majority of adoptive families are insensitive about this. Instead, I believe these people needs to be assured that they do belong in the family. Also adopted people do have worth.

Just keep in mind, it is the worse feeling when you know someone gave you away. The situation sort of doesn't matter. There was a possibility a family member of the adopted person could have taken in the person. However, no one stepped up to do so. It is hurtful to feel you don't belong anywhere and you are out of place. Also, you are unwanted. The most depressing and unshakeable thought is someone throwing you away like you're worthless. 

2. Religion

Although this may not be a common issue, it remains to be a serious problem. If people cannot properly deal with possible religious differences, it is best not to adopt. I understand that adopting Muslim children can be even more challenging. That is especially if the adoptive family is Christian. No matter. The child I feel should be given a choice. Even if you plan to convert, I don't think using all forms of abuse is the correct way in forcing the child into your religion. No child should be forced, but gently directed.

3. Knowing Where They Came From


Adopted families should grant the adopted person of knowing their origins and their own background. It is most upsetting going through life not knowing these things. Many people take for granted being aware of their race, heritage, real family and where did they originate from. In my opinion, it is abusive to be dishonest; this is especially when the adopted person is fully aware they were adopted. However, I do understand concerns with telling the person. Many are uncertain about their reaction of being adopted. Still, I feel the person has a right to know. If they ask, tell them.    

I believe adopted people are not getting the proper respect they deserve. If people are taking time away to adopt a child, at least give them the best life you can. 


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