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  • This is my family's experience living in Columbia Heights Minnesota. It's located in Anoka County of northeast of the State. I will add pictures later. Well my experience wasn't entirely good. I prefer to share how bigoted Columbia Heights really is.

    Back in 2003, my family moved into our house, which is the haunted house I write about. I will not put emphasis on the town too much in the book. So, first I would like to say, the part I liked about the town was that it was small, quiet, had city ordinances, calm and had an old fashioned theme. It's like traveling back to the Retro era. Believe me in every way. There was no diversity and the town however still seemed segregated. I was always uncomfortable going out because my family were the only minorities and everyone stared at us strangely. Yes, of course there was also racism. We were often refused service; subjected to eyes rolling, rude behavior and yelling. One time in particular, my family sat at a restaurant. The owner of the place did not take our order nor did she cook anything for us. She actually refused to. This wasn't the first time we visited, so I guess they got sick of us coming there. We noticed we couldn't order at any of the restaurants. I already posted about the church, so yeah, the church was also bigoted.

    It was the same when going to school, before I was homeschooled. I was one of few minorities attending the schools. What I was taught I believed to be sort of abusive to minorities and girls. We were often told how Whites are superior, bad events to keep minorities down, and girls were taught we are inferior, worthless and our roles are only to breed and be a housewife. Girls were excluded out of things related to jobs, careers and leadership. Minorities were always described as poor victims who never accomplished anything. Today, this reminds me of the teachings of the extremists, White Supremacists. How can someone not become depressed over hearing that? Also teachers never gave me good grades only because of my race. I never followed what they said about girls. Instead I wanted to do something with my life. I was redirected that I belong in the house. This is another reason they lowered my grades, because I would not say what they wanted me to say.

    Well, years past, diversity was slowly moving in. You know how much bigots love this. Of course some of our neighbors blame us. It never changed anything. Racism remained. Actually it increased the extremists in the town. There are a lot of angry and violent bigots who tries to keep minorities out, in control and wants their town less diverse. My family was too much for them. We often sneak out of our house and sneak to work in the yard. This is due to the KKK members that live in the town. When they say they are peaceful and nonviolent, this is not true. Many places we are unable to go to because of ill-treatment. This includes the many events they hold in the town. We work in the only diverse job. Yes, most are Muslim, or are of Middle Eastern descent. However, now I see a few more African Americans and Europeans who were hired recently. Not many though. It's bad though. If you work at Pro-Health Care, they automatically assume you are Muslim because only Muslims work there. Also the false assumption that all Arabs are Muslim. I learned it is impossible looking for jobs in Columbia Heights as a minority unless you are hired by other minorities. We are directed to stay with our own kind, no diversity. This leaves us working with Muslims, ordering only Halal foods, and associating with Muslims. Indians as well. My family tends to stick to the Chinese community more.

    We were just looking for a job awhile back. People would not hire us because of our race. Some were not as straightforward while others made it perfectly clear of that. One man for example told us he didn't want to hire us because of ISIS, terrorists attacks and terrorist groups. We didn't understand this until realizing he suggested he doesn't want to hire terrorists.

    This reminds me of one of the most embarrassing moment in the town. My family was filling out forms for a passport; then some woman told me I am going to blow up the plane. Making sure I heard her correctly, I asked, "what did you say?" She loudly repeated, "You're going to blow up the plane." Everyone turns to look at me. My mother talking with an Arabic type accent didn't make things any better. Pretty awkward. Only because I was wearing a Salwar Kameez. My family is unable to wear certain clothing in Columbia Heights for this reason. We don't purposely wear these clothing. I found out we happen to have the same style as our Indian heritage.

    I thought the Columbia Heights police was good until failing us many times. They have not helped us, even when Klan members harassed us. People have put sugar in our gas tank, released their dogs to attack us and have threatened to kill us. I loss all trust in the police, especially due to the police shootings. The worst time was when they told us a KKK member has every right to bust down our door. That did not make sense. Everyone always tell you to call the police, but calling the police is the last thing I would do.

    The funniest thing about Columbia Heights though, there is food and restaurants everywhere. I never got the chance to properly count the establishments, so here I go:

    2. 2nd McDonald's
    3. Sonic
    4. Taco Bell
    5. Denny's
    6. Burger King
    7. Dairy Queen
    8. White Castles
    9. Ember's
    10. Starbucks
    11. LeeAnn Chins
    12. Noodles and Company
    13. Pizza Hut
    14. Papa John's
    15. Domino's
    16. Jimmy John's
    17. Chipotle
    18. Fish and Chips 
    19. Applebee's
    20. Beagle shop
    21. Halal Restaurant
    22. Halal Pizza
    23. Flame Burger
    24. Dragon House
    25. Cub Foods
    26. Mexican Restaurant
    27. 2nd Mexican Restaurant
    28. Jewish Food
    29. Subway
    30. Target store
    31. 2nd Chinese Restaurant
    32. Indian Restaurant
    33. Halal Food Market
    34. Tasty Pizza
    35. Pizza Man
    I just can't count them all, it ends at 35. It's hard not to become obsese with food on every inch of the town.

    So yeah, I don't have much nice things to say about Columbia Heights. My family will look forward to moving. Then I will share which city we decided to move to next. I am hoping Blaine. Let us see how this goes. I will add more later. I'm still practicing writing on a phone. 

    Living in Columbia Heights Minnesota

  • I wanted to make this statement because there are a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes about being a human doll. Also I think humans worry too much about other's opinions.

    What many may misunderstand is that, my motives are different. I am not into that society where I am obsessed in pleasing people, obsessing over what men want or obsessing over being accepted by society. If I was and if I cared about other's opinion, I wouldn't transform myself into a human doll. The reason is, we get more bad comments and more bad criticism than good. That is why I disabled comments. I learned to drown out the opinions of others.

    Feminists have became enemies with Barbie for years. This is not recent disapproval. It goes back to the mid 1960s. Of course the criticism never changed. Now since we have human dolls, feminists have also made it their priority to criticize us. They measured Barbie, saying it's impossible for someone to become a doll; it gives girls and women impossible and hopeless dreams of becoming perfect, look like a Barbie, live in a fantasy dream as so they think we're doing; girls are being taught to become depressed over their weight, appearance and they are taught to become passive, or what society expects. I'm not going to explain what we are. They are always going to find fault in us, even when you try to let them understand. Then there are comments like this (by Demi Lovato):

    "I don't have the body of a model or Barbie. My main thing about being in the spotlight with my fans is, I want to be real to them. I have my problem areas, but I'm happy in my own skin. I'm not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body."

    I respect everyone's opinions, but most people don't give you the same respect. That doesn't matter to me. Really this is something I am doing for myself, no one else. I will transform myself because this is how I define beauty. Like I said before, everyone has their own views of what they think is beauty. I respect it, even if I don't agree. I don't care what society expects and I don't care to live up to society's expectations.

    Statement for my Living Doll Career

  • I don't have a favourite season, they all are equally beautiful. What I like about Summer is gardening, beach pictures, the weather (not humid weather), reading and writing outside, and watching trees blow in the wind. I like observing many things in the Summer. My favourite observations are humans, animals and lakes. Usually I have my phone or notebook to write down my favourite moments to add in books.

    Recently, these past summers I have done extra steps to make sure no sun touches any skin. Have you noticed the skin complexion of a standard Barbie? Yes, as a living doll, the goal is to maintain that. My skin is a bit on the pale side. However, the lighter you are, the better your living doll career will be. At least for me. It's better if you already are light skinned, you keep that complexion. Getting a tan is a big no-no. Some can say I'm old fashion about this. In the old days, being lighter skinned meant youth and wealth. No, I'm not that extreme in those views. I still wish for a porcelain complexion. The other valid reasons for staying out of the sun, is avoiding skin damage. I noticed the amount of damage it could cause. Also, this is to avoid skin cancer. We have to be cautious not to ruin clear skin. The way to do this, is less outdoor activities in the summer, always staying in the shade and wear as much clothing as possible.

    These are sacrifices I make to turn myself into a real life Ellowyne Wilde doll. The results make it worth everything. 

    Staying Out of the Sun

  • Have you ever wondered what's it like to try to take pictures in a haunted house? Well living in a haunted house, photography can be the most annoying activity. This means your photos are often in low quality. Also, those times when the ghosts wants to make themselves known. I have one picture as example. I tried taking a photo of my new clock. Not only did they take the quality, but demon faces appeared. Here is the photo:

    Do you see on the left? Strange demonic faces in the poster?

    This is the demon face you see on the top

    This face looks more like a dog/cat demon.

    You see, this is what I go through everyday. I need to take more pictures for my living doll career, but how can I when this keeps happening? My favourite locations for photography are historic places, for a antique feel. I just wish to exclude the ghosts. Hopefully, I will move to a house with larger space and no spirits. When moving, I'm sure the photos will be of better quality. 

    Photography and Haunted Houses Don't Mix

  • Circle Lenses is essential for a living doll. Instead of getting plastic surgery, we use these special contact lenses to make our eyes look larger. Yes, there is such cosmetic surgery. I don't think that is wise thinking for long term. I question, would I want larger eyes for the rest of my life? No. I found many stores from South Korea, China and Japan. Circle Lenses are common in these countries. You can't find anything close in the United States. These are Circle Lenses:

    As you can see, the eyes are enhanced with eyelashes. They give our eyes more of an anime, doll type appearance. People think our eyes are the most creepy. I don't think so. It's amazing, it's beautiful. Anyway, I will be purchasing Circle Lenses soon. My favourite colours are pink, green and purple. I love Circle Lenses with kawaii designs the most. These I will collect.

    My purchases will start when I move. I will make sure to take pictures... 

    Buying Circle Lenses

  • It seems natural that a living doll would like Unicorns, but for some reason I do not. That is why I do not purchase any clothing, accept gifts or share anything with Unicorns. For the rest of the world, they are mere benevolent mythical creatures. For a living doll, Unicorns become a part of our career. I do not feel the same. There is something menacing about Unicorns.  

    It all started when I had an encounter with a real demon resembling a Unicorn in my family's haunted house. I began to wonder were Unicorns actually demonic spirits? I know what I experienced, so no one can tell me it wasn't real or it wasn't a Unicorn. Unicorns are horses with a horn on their forehead. After that encounter, I find myself loathing Unicorns. Who even started the illusion Unicorns were cute anyway? 

    I began studying mythical creatures, demons and hell. I learned these mythical creatures aren't actually what most think they are. That is why I decided to write a book of a list of demons. Also, all of my books features real demons, even my manga and games. I give insights of their true forms and nature. Later, I will share my findings on these so called mythical creatures.

    Am I The Only One Who Hates Unicorns?

  • I came across many people who wonder when will this human doll trend come to an end. When will young women stop transforming themselves into real life dolls? I hope never. Some say it only teaches us to be superficial and vain. They believe so, because our goal is to maintain a perfect and beautiful appearance. We wish to reach perfection like a Barbie doll. Is this too much of an expectation for women? On the contrary, it never taught me that. The major thing I see it teaches living dolls, is to become more self confident.

    Most people criticize and judge things they don't understand. The living doll world is one of them. No one would truly understand. While other girls wanted a Barbie, we are the ones who wanted to be Barbie. People think this is strange thinking and fault our parents. Some criticize our family for supporting such "Weird" behaviour. I believe more family members should support this decision.     

    I disagree when they say it's creepy, scary and not normal. Tell me, what is "normal"? I don't know anymore. When will everyone realize it's beautiful, not creepy? People have tried convincing me to not proceed with my transformation. Here's a hint, no one can change my mind. After being introduced to the living doll world, I'm never going back. I think it is fun to dress like a doll, dress in cosplay type styles, and wear doll makeup everyday. Many don't realize it's practically the same as the Japanese Sub-Culture. Well, people even thinks Japanese culture is abnormal. I strongly disagree.

    I think we get too much criticism, so I will try to post more about living dolls. If no one thinks we're in reality, then allow us to stay in our fantasy world! 

    Human Dolls: A Never Ending Trend!

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