Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Being Mixed: When Family Members Don't Look Related

One of the most issues of being mixed may be the uncertainty. No one is 100% of how they will turn out, or which of their races they will take after. That is appearance wise. This includes facial features, eye colour, hair colour, hair texture, and also skin tone. I find the Black mixes a bit more interesting than my own. I have seen humans with darker complexions, but blonde or straight hair; also those with lighter skin complexions but with African American hair texture. You'll never know. That is an example of this uncertainty. Also keep in mind, those single digits in a DNA can make a huge impact.

I have even seen others (speaking of all crosses now) where their siblings never resemble each other. There may be siblings who have lighter skin tones, but others have darker tones. Also, when they look nothing like their mother or father.

My family have this issue. My sister took after our Balinese and Indian trait. Balinese is referring to the Bali location in Indonesia. They are considered as Islander people. She also resembles Egyptian women, along with Tamil Indians. My mother also takes after her Indian/Pakistani trait. Other times she looks like women from Qatar. Me on the other hand, looks completely different. I took after our Turkish trait. Then sometimes, I resemble Libyans, Egyptians, Persians in Iran and Pakistani people. The light-skinned ones of course. I suppose my blonde hair came from the Irish, British, Russian trait. For years, my step-grandma tried convincing me I resemble Native Americans. I actually do when I braid my hair or put feathers in my hair. I learned Uzbek, Tajik and Turkmen humans can resemble Native Americans a lot. Anyway, any mixed person would know this gives you issues. Often people questions if you were adopted. Plus, they don't believe you when claiming your family is really related. Sometimes, they continue to say you were adopted.

One time for example, a girl kept asking was I adopted. Even when repeating, no, she didn't believe me. This is just one example of what we go through everyday.

I recently discovered my exact traits. For reference, I can share it. I also would like to share about being a living doll in the summer. The upgrade is still being worked on. Until the upgrade for the blog is done, I will continue to blog. This is my source to perfecting my writing skills.  

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