Friday, September 2, 2016

Reasons Being Mixed is not Easy

A mixed person is someone you would label a multi-heritage or multi-cultural human. Most when thinking of mixed, they think of Black/White mixture. Yes, this is most common. However, there are different crosses human beings don't recognize as much. I have heard many assume being mixed is not difficult at all. In fact, it can be the opposite. I've even overheard humans who wish they were mixed. Going through life as a mixed individual may not always be easy. Well, not as easy as others assume. Here are the most common issues:

Being Called Mulatto or Other Names


Mulatto is not necessarily for Black/White mix. This is a term used for anyone who is mixed, especially multi-heritaged. There are also more names. Purebreds often consider mixed humans as "half-breeds" or "mutts". Also, many of our own race often don't accept us, because we are mixed. Then this statement, "if you can't speak the language, you don't count as one". This is quite offensive. It's like, you think I like being mixed? Not entirely. I would love to be a purebred.

People Who Don't Believe You & Having to Explain Your Mixed Issue


The minute you truthfully share what you are mixed with, most assume you are lying. Also, many can believe you have misinformation. It can be quite annoying. I say, I'm Turkish, Arab, Russian, Asian, Indian, and Indonesian mix (South and Central Asia, amoung other mixes). It can get confusing, because then Iranian, Pakistani and Uzbek are not Arabs. The reaction is, "you can't be mixed with all of that". What they fail to look at are the percentages. Then sometimes I try to shorten the list. I identify with the race I mostly take after. A revised version; I'm Turkish + Arab + Indian + Russian mix. Of course, most assumes you're referring to Native American when hearing Indian. I have to explain, no, I meant India. I can never go into details about which Arab heritage I'm referring to. Actually, I never mention my Arab trait. I know many humans who are unaware I'm Arab (also Turkish). No one ever believes me when I tell them anyway. I get lectured how the Middle East is not the same. I study maps and countries, so I am aware of that. Also, I must be confused and why am I giving them such a broad generalization? To be safe, I share only one or two. I just say Saudi + Egyptian mix. The real problem is when I don't remember saying another trait. They tell me, "But you told me you have Iraqi traits". The Middle Eastern mix is the most complicated. It's even more complicated when you're mixed with multiple Middle Eastern countries. Only those of multi-heritage can understand this.

What Race Do You Identify With 


At first, my family were unaware of our race. Now it can be difficult to choose which race in the box for applications. I get stuck about that section or that question. When there is no mixed or other option, I pick which race I am that is listed. Some people can claim I lied to them because I said I was another race somewhere else. Then I have to explain I'm mixed. It's extremely difficult to figure out which race to identify with, without being inconsistent. To be safe, I select my Pacific Islander mix. I identify with my Indonesian and Filipino trait. For years though, I selected African American and identified with that race. No one bought that. My family was raised by an African American family. So I was told to do this. It's actually a complicated story behind that.  

Other Mixed People Who Are Jealous


I didn't realize this, but many mixed people would love to have more "exotic" mixes. They claim we have the most beautiful eye and hair colours. This is to the point they become envious. I have problems mostly with those who are Black + White mix. To them, their mix is not special enough. It is not a competition. Some complain how our hair texture must be the best. I would like to address this. Actually, a Turkish + Arab + Indonesian mix can give you the same curly hair. This is especially when the Arab mixes consists of Libyan and Egyptian. The most interesting eye colours originates from Middle East + European mixes. I also love the Indian + Asian mixes. The women are very beautiful. Regarding eye colour, I learned it's not always easy having abnormal eyes. People were often afraid of me because of my blood red eye colour. My eyes tend to glow in the light. This is when people would get alarmed. It can be awkward and annoying. For years, I wasn't sure why I had red eyes. That was until I learned humans in the Middle East can get these eye colours. However, I never flaunted anything or bragged how better I am. I think all of the mixes are equally unique.

Taking From Each Culture


Mixed humans often picks up cultures, habits and customs from a little bit of all of their backgrounds. I would love to post different culture habits my family relates to the most. It can be quite interesting. Many can't understand how we can take these habits when we are not in those countries, nor do we have any connection to our cultures. As strange as it seems, this can happen.  

Since this is a long list, I will continue this soon... 

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