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  • Being a human doll, it's nice to have a family who supports your decision. I would like to share my appreciation of my own family and how they have supported me.

    First, most family members are not supportive of the decision to become a human doll. Instead they criticize and bully them, which I believe is unfair. There is always insulting comments like those who criticize us online.

    I guess since my mother is already into body modification, she approved of my desire to become a doll. I never told the adoptive family to avoid criticism. They will find out eventually. The first time my step-grandma found out, she was saying how it's so much of a waste of money and it's stupid to transform myself into a doll. She backed off but still throws out hints she disapproves. For the most part, my family have been the most supportive in my pursuits and change.

    I wanted to give a public thanks because no one has supported me. Oh yes, I have ran across the criticism. You can even find them on Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere. Like I said before, we get more bad comments and feedback than good. That is why I really do prefer no comments, likes or any interaction with my posts, tweets and other things. I just prefer not to hear or see the comments, even though you can't completely avoid them.

    Well, next I want to discuss my lifestyle change for my career.

    A Supportive Family to a Human Doll Career

  • The blog upgrade is still a working progress, but until the completion, I will continue to blog.

    I have decided to use the Proud Land blog to blog about my family's haunted house. I will also use this blog. My human doll and Tikaani Moon blog will remain combined. I will not separate that because I had to redo my entire brand, and I branded myself with the real me. I don't care if others still complain that I am still not being real enough for them. This was my problem with my old brand.

    Anyway, I will not however change the theme of Tikaani Moon, which is the dark, mysterious wolf. My human doll theme will only show through posts and a few artwork. I have blogs on Tumblr for my living doll career. Humans say you shouldn't have multiple blog platforms, but I found them useful for my own brand. I even have WordPress for when my books are published. This will be a platform to actually purchase products and download PC games.

    So until the upgrade, I don't know I guess it will remain like this.

    Human Doll Blog with Tikaani Moon Blog

  • A while back, I read an article about why less African Americans and other minorities study the American Civil War. After hearing the view of a civil war reenactor and others who study the war, I wanted to discuss this. Many wonder why there aren't many minorities like myself, who researches the Civil War. The article suggested that it is being presented to minorities, but they are not interested in learning about it. I do agree. This is from personal experience. I cannot really comment on stuff I did not witness for myself.

    When I ask African Americans, they tell me they don't know and they don't care. Here is some pretty weird answers; some thought it happened in the 1700's, and Abraham Lincoln was president in the 1900's or 1600's. There is other weird answers. I was just laughing.

    I am unsure about those of Middle Eastern descent (Arabs, Iranians, Turks and whatever else) or Indians (Meaning South Asians). East Asians can be more interested in learning about the American Civil War. Then again, I came across those who also gives me strange answers. I get a lot that most thinks the American Revolutionary War is the same as the American Civil War. They shrug their shoulders and say, they don't care. I can excuse the immigrants, but those who have been here all their lives is kind of interesting.

    A Civil War researcher said also the younger generation lacks interest. I agree with this as well. I noticed throughout the years, people have became less interested in learning, well, majority of things. History is the number one topic no one cares about anymore. When I observe those my age, they say pretty much the same thing. They don't know, nor do they care to know. It's quite entertaining to listen as they guess things. This is what I admire about the Japanese and other East Asians. Some people believe East Asians are more interested in technology and other things. However, compared to Americans, almost every country has the United States beat. They take the time to learn their country's history and culture.

    I did run across one reason why minorities will not study American history. The article suggested they are more interested in Teen Pregnancy than learning. In a way, I believe this is true. Another thing is that, most believe it is degrading to learn about slavery. Although some may argue I wouldn't feel that way, but I don't think it is degrading. It's nice to know your own country's history. More minorities and the younger generation should take the time to learn about history, especially the American Civil War. Most wonder why things are the way they are today, but they fail to realize, history has shaped the country into what it is now. No one should try to hide or cover up what happened. I am aware slavery was an ugly incident. However, it's still nice to be educated. Honestly, it can be embarrassing how so many Americans don't know the basic things about their own country. Also, they don't know much about other countries as well.

    I am unsure what should happen, but I am currently trying to promote history especially the American Civil War to the minorities and younger generation.

    Teaching the American Civil War to Minorities & the Younger Generation

  • Excuse me for posting so much about racism. I didn't intend for that, but recent events including Donald Trump has annoyed me terribly. Plus, I feel humans don't address it as much as they should. I realized I have gotten way off topic. Anyway...

    The definition of body modifications is altering the natural appearance or anatomy of the human body. This includes tattoos, piercings, implants, plastic surgery and other body altering procedures. It is beautiful art and a form of decorating the body. I wanted to discuss what happens during work situations. I discovered my human doll pursuance is considered extreme body modification. The reason is that I am altering the anatomy and appearance of my body to look like a doll.

    Sometimes we face discrimination at work because of our modifications. People with tattoos and piercings can be turned down jobs, or asked to cover or remove mods like piercings. My mother having her cheeks pierced ran into this problem a few times. When people tell her to remove her cheek piercings, she actually refuses to. She has no problems not being hired. Most of times, employers accept due to my mother's work experience.

    I haven't been wearing my doll clothes because all of it is packed and in storage. When I was, I noticed that other business professionals often thought I was a misfit in the corporate world. That was until I showed I'm a no nonsense, professional individual. On LinkedIn I also noticed the same thing. They can assume I have no place in the business industry. Being a living doll can be a professional job if you know how to conduct yourself.

    Some suggest I shouldn't wear doll clothes but like my mother, I will refuse to change who I am. This is a part of having body mods. What many misunderstand is, body mods doesn't change your work capabilities, your skills and your professionalism. Business people can also assume I am only wearing costumes, not realizing this is my everyday attire. Yes, at times I do wear more corporate clothing. They still have my living doll style but it's a bit more preppy. We are required of proving to other professionals that we can be businessy. Also that we belong at these jobs. I dislike having to prove to them. So like my mother, I prefer to make them accept me as I am. I tend to refuse to change who I am to please others.

    Like most of us, it can be complicated entering the work and business world with body modifications. You just have to ignore stares, comments, and discrimination. I am preparing myself for more of this.

    Working with Body Modifications

  • During my studies, I have taken the time out to learn more about Japan and the Japanese language. The purpose of this post was to discuss what I came across through studying.

    When getting personal advice and information on Japan, I noticed a common pattern between Japanese people and non-Japanese. Americans have given me useful advice, but mostly they make sure to discourage me from moving to Japan. I got it that Japan Reference and other informational sites and sources was a racial issue. I felt Japan Reference never deserved a proper review. It turns out like a lot of Americans who has visited Japan, their goal is to turn others away from Japanese people, Japanese culture and Japan altogether. One man told me how I better learn Japanese, and commenting on how 'us Arabs' always come to a country and tries to take over everything. This made me realize that not only do I have to worry about racist Americans in the US but in Japan as well. This is not fair to say when they are also immigrants. I am not saying all Americans are this way. I'm just saying I get more insolence from them than from actual Japanese.

    The Japanese have been extremely helpful with my research. They gave me unbiased advice; their information is always according to law and regulations, and truth.

    What I learned is that tattoos in Japan is prohibited. Humans are required to cover them. I was told those with tattoos can be refused service and kicked out of establishments. I read how a woman with a small tattoo on her arm who was chased out of a store by an elderly Japanese man.

    Speaking of the elderly, I admire how the Japanese treat the elderly. They even have a festival celebrating them. It's a lot different than how Americans view and treat the elderly.

    My step-grandma loves Japan's smoking law. Unlike the US, Japan has more lenient laws for smokers. They are allowed to smoke in most of locations, in public and in establishments. There are even vending machines selling cigarettes.

    I was told by diplomatic Japanese guides on the Japanese visa. To migrate to Japan, my family would need to fill out for a long-term residence visa. A few other things I learned:

    • Never write someone's name in red ink.
    • Never point at someone
    • Never eat in public
    • If on an elevator, the closest to the buttons is usually the last to get off elevators.
    • It is common that men don't hold doors for women. They're not being rude, it's just natural.
    • Japanese toilets are confusing and seems hard to work.
    • Always take off shoes before stepping into a house.
    • Learning how to eat with chopsticks is essential.
    • Never use your chopsticks to point, grab food from others, or never stick chopsticks upright in food.

    See, I have gotten a lot of information from Japanese people. I hope to not have too much trouble from Americans. My move to Japan is not immediate, for my family plans to gain a fluent status in the language. I feel this is what is best. I have also seen how essential avoiding language barriers for the Japanese. Not from personal, but they tend to have a low tolerance for those who are incapable of speaking and reading Japanese. Many state their refusal to learn English. Most of times, Japanese people can insist that you learn Japanese and refuse to do further business until you learn their language. For this, I am not saying all Japanese are nice but not all are this way. In fact, I see many Japanese are distant and can be slow to opening up to you. I noticed if you sincerely express genuine interest and respect, they will give you the same respect. It's kind of interesting but when some Japanese find out I am part Asian, they assume I am already fluent in Japanese. I'm like, no not yet, but getting there.

    I have learned about publishing in Japan as well. I will discuss this soon; I just wanted to address and acknowledge this as another important issue.

    Getting Advice & Information About Japan

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