A Supportive Family to a Human Doll Career

Being a human doll, it's nice to have a family who supports your decision. I would like to share my appreciation of my own family and how they have supported me.

First, most family members are not supportive of the decision to become a human doll. Instead they criticize and bully them, which I believe is unfair. There is always insulting comments like those who criticize us online.

I guess since my mother is already into body modification, she approved of my desire to become a doll. I never told the adoptive family to avoid criticism. They will find out eventually. The first time my step-grandma found out, she was saying how it's so much of a waste of money and it's stupid to transform myself into a doll. She backed off but still throws out hints she disapproves. For the most part, my family have been the most supportive in my pursuits and change.

I wanted to give a public thanks because no one has supported me. Oh yes, I have ran across the criticism. You can even find them on Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere. Like I said before, we get more bad comments and feedback than good. That is why I really do prefer no comments, likes or any interaction with my posts, tweets and other things. I just prefer not to hear or see the comments, even though you can't completely avoid them.

Well, next I want to discuss my lifestyle change for my career.