• 15 October, 2016

    Excuse me for posting so much about racism. I didn't intend for that, but recent events including Donald Trump has annoyed me terribly. Plus, I feel humans don't address it as much as they should. I realized I have gotten way off topic. Anyway...

    The definition of body modifications is altering the natural appearance or anatomy of the human body. This includes tattoos, piercings, implants, plastic surgery and other body altering procedures. It is beautiful art and a form of decorating the body. I wanted to discuss what happens during work situations. I discovered my human doll pursuance is considered extreme body modification. The reason is that I am altering the anatomy and appearance of my body to look like a doll.

    Sometimes we face discrimination at work because of our modifications. People with tattoos and piercings can be turned down jobs, or asked to cover or remove mods like piercings. My mother having her cheeks pierced ran into this problem a few times. When people tell her to remove her cheek piercings, she actually refuses to. She has no problems not being hired. Most of times, employers accept due to my mother's work experience.

    I haven't been wearing my doll clothes because all of it is packed and in storage. When I was, I noticed that other business professionals often thought I was a misfit in the corporate world. That was until I showed I'm a no nonsense, professional individual. On LinkedIn I also noticed the same thing. They can assume I have no place in the business industry. Being a living doll can be a professional job if you know how to conduct yourself.

    Some suggest I shouldn't wear doll clothes but like my mother, I will refuse to change who I am. This is a part of having body mods. What many misunderstand is, body mods doesn't change your work capabilities, your skills and your professionalism. Business people can also assume I am only wearing costumes, not realizing this is my everyday attire. Yes, at times I do wear more corporate clothing. They still have my living doll style but it's a bit more preppy. We are required of proving to other professionals that we can be businessy. Also that we belong at these jobs. I dislike having to prove to them. So like my mother, I prefer to make them accept me as I am. I tend to refuse to change who I am to please others.

    Like most of us, it can be complicated entering the work and business world with body modifications. You just have to ignore stares, comments, and discrimination. I am preparing myself for more of this.

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