Inspiration From Around the World & Cancelled Travel Plans

Since researching about my family's heritage, I have found inspiration for my living doll bedroom. For my living doll career, I will take from my following cultures: Persian, Russian and Turkish. Oh most importantly, Moroccan. I learned my backgrounds happens to be the perfect style for the Ellowyne Wilde doll.

About the cancelled travel plans, due to events, my family decided to cancel our plans to visit countries. Turkey will always be one of my favorite countries, but I am unsure how safe it is to visit. I feel unsafe about Middle Eastern countries. So even if there was a time my mother's real family wanted to meet us, I would be too scared to visit. 

To me and my family, Russia has some of the most beautiful architect. My family has always wanted to see it in person and see the beautiful country. However, I am really uncomfortable now with the US and Russia not being on good terms, or speaking terms. I will continue to purchase clothing, accessories and food from Russian stores. That's about it unfortunately. It's even more complicated being half Turkish and part Russian due to the recent incident and tensions. 

Well, at least I found decorating ideas. I will give more updates on how I will incorporate my cultures into my living doll career. That is with keeping the Japanese dollie style as the main theme.

Living Doll Transformation Updates

Lately, I have been practicing the dolly makeup as suggested. I am not quite there with the whole kawaii makeup, but I will start practicin...