• 27 December, 2016

    My family was discussing the issue of mental illness after watching something on the topic. I wanted to discuss this because it's a serious problem what humans face with mental illness, depression and doctors. I think people don't address it properly and enough. First thing, mental illness and depression is not a joke. I have witnessed many people who treat mental illness like a crime, joke, and a shameful disgrace.

    My family heard a man ask why people with mental illness never get help. The fact is even in the United States, they are unable to receive the proper help they need. Like what I have said, it is treated like a dangerous crime. When I watch the news, I always overhear reporters say how lawmakers being more aggressive, and the offensive assumption about terrorists are the same as people with mental illness.

    My family has been victims of doctors and therapists. It's a good thing my mother knows the system and is familiar with the game of the doctor's traps. Her knowledge has spared us from countless trips to the psych ward. This started my distrust of doctors, and that is why I don't go to the doctor anymore. Doctors I feel lack understanding, respect, and proper professionalism. They can be rude, uppity, arrogant and plain unprofessional.

    My mother wasn't allowed to leave a doctor's appointment only because she got a new tattoo. The doctor, like always take words out of context, and out of proportion. A woman was brought in the room and tried befriending my mother to gain our trust. Then she wouldn't let us leave the room, saying we are a danger to ourselves and others. It was upsetting because this woman pretended to simply have a conversation with us. She used our like for tattoos out of context. You know how it feels when someone tells you, you aren't going home? I will share because doctors and everyone don't understand until it happens to them. It can be a scary and hopeless feeling to know you are going to a hopeless, dooming and prison like place. That is if they don't send you to prison. Psych Ward's, prisons they are the same. However, it is true you can be sent to straight prison.

    They trap you in a room and then police are called to remove you. Then the police handcuffs you, dragging you out the clinic or hospital, where the court will be involved. If you think you can run, you can't. The police would even take you from your house. You are next drilled like you are a criminal who had just committed a heinous crime. They starve you for hours until you tell them all they want to know. Everything you say however is used against you. It can be humiliating when you are forced to share your most personal things, only for everyone in the courtroom to know your business. No matter how private or embarrassing it is. To me at least, mental illness is humiliating and embarrassing. No one is able to do anything to get you out of the system and out of the psych ward or jail.

    I get annoyed by those who tells you, you can get help, and why haven't you seeked for help. Unfortunately, doctors treat celebrities differently than normal people. They wouldn't give them electric shock treatment like they would us, and celebrities have the privilege of leaving whenever they wish. We don't. Most likely, we stay in the psych ward for years. Most importantly, they are not abused and mistreated. I read many stories and even from my mother working on the psych floor, it's like an orphanage and prison. I will give more details in a few books where I mention the real treatment in psych wards.

    My mother and family was depressed because our dog just died and other things, but the doctor took it wrongfully out of context. This was the time a therapist tried trapping us again. Plus, she called the gun range my mother purchased her guns from. Then she encouraged us to visit the gun range. My family wasn't stupid. This was only because they knew we owned guns, and so they treated us like terrorists or something. I know they were racist about this issue. The doctor personally sent us a letter, encouraging us to return to him. There was no way my family would let him fool us. My family has many more stories like this.

    I haven't gotten any help because for the simple fact, you can't tell anyone, and there is no real help. They pretend like they want to help you, they understand and care about you, but it's nothing but a lie. Also most people, especially in the medical field doesn't believe in ghosts. They wouldn't have believed that my haunted house was responsible for my depression. Most of religious people don't believe in ghosts neither. I learned ghosts can cause depression, mental illness, self harming, fatigue and other things.

    The other thing is ruining your record for life. The law would fix it so people with mental illness are unable to get jobs. They label them a danger to themselves and others, and is unable to be around the general public and society. So that is shunning them, and excluding them from everyone. Why is it a heinous crime to become depressed a few times? Why is it dangerous to be emotionally broken? I lived with a secret for awhile of mental illness, knowing I wasn't able to get help. Mentioning ghosts would have put me deeper into the hole. Once you are in the psych ward, I feel your life is gone and hope is gone as well.

    My family didn't want to be treated like nothing, every 2 hours flashlights in our face at night, being yelled at, someone always watching you and even having someone standing in the bathroom each and every time. Also you get privileges, meaning you can't talk to anyone until a long time when they feel you deserve it. That is if they feel you do deserve it. I wouldn't want to be beaten, shocked with electricity, chained to a bed and sedated all day. Who wants to always be drugged too? Who wants to always feel like a vegetable so you are never aware of anything as years past you by? As your life is being drained from you? The annoying thing is that the therapists force you to face what triggers you to self harm or anything associated with mental illness. My family sure doesn't want that for our life.

    I wish to address the serious annoyance and misunderstanding. Everyone falsely claims, especially doctors and therapists that those who self harm are an even bigger threat to society. They are considered dangerous and will most likely harm others. It's annoying and offensive. The truth is, most who self harm do not desire to harm others. That is a ridiculous statement. Self harm is not only about cutting, but burning, pinching, punching/hitting and a lot of other ways.

    This is a serious problem that I feel needs to be addressed and fixed. My mother and I thought due to our experience, I should speak out against the mistreatment of those like my family. 

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