Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Genealogy Research: New Discovery

Recently, the DNA testing company 23andMe apologized to my family for giving us inaccurate results. Ancestry however still stands behind the confusing results that was given. I knew something was wrong when only my Step-Grandma's family kept being found, and not our own family. So I decided to not use their help, but my family found this discovery on our own and the adoptive family. It is important for me to know for my living doll career. I will wear traditional clothing.

The shocking discovery is that I am actually Portuguese, but still a mixed heritage person. This post is more accurate to my heritage. I looked it up and learned my heritage is from Spanish and Brazilian locations. I was shocked to know I was Spanish. I know some may wonder about all my talk about the Middle East, India and Eastern Asia. Well, my family's Portuguese ancestry originates from the Middle East, mainly North Africa. So I was right all along how 23andMe was inaccurate. The 88% is actually for North Africa and the Middle East.

The other even more shocking discovery is when I learned my family is from the Sephardic Jews. This was a bit confusing when Ancestry and 23andMe both said I had no Jewish traits. Last night I read in 1492 Spain expelled the Jewish people from the country and everything. So this means my family is actually like a Spanish-Jewish mix. It made sense why my Step-Grandma vaguely kept hinting I was Jewish.

The other DNA traits are the same. I have a lot of traits from Turkish, Arab, Azeri, Balinese (Brunei, West Sumatra also), Iranian and Filipino Ancestry. My new discovery is that my family has traits from Cyprus, Greece, Palestine, Syria and most countries of North Africa. They include Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. I came across Levant which includes the Middle East. Since my Ancestry is from the Eastern Mediterranean, I wasn't for sure if I actually was considered an Arab. However, I found a few countries from the Arabian Peninsula. I am more like a Jewish-Arab mix. It was confirmed when I found out my family's heritage originates from North Africa and the Middle East. The previous discovery about Pakistan and India is confirmed correct.

I found traits from Eastern Europe, but it is unclear which country. The Russian trait is accurate.

So I will review traditional clothing so I can make outfits for my human doll career. Also it helps to identify myself as a human doll.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Making More 2 Player Games

As new games are being made and developed, less are 2 Player Games. I wanted to share my projects and share my opinion about the game industry.

I began writing ideas for new video games years ago, maybe back in 2006 or so. I even wrote ideas for consoles, but with the competition, I am unsure if I will develop the console. For sure though I will get my games professionally developed in Japan. 

I noticed there aren't many offline full co-op games anymore. Now, the trend is online options for a 2 Player mode. Even older consoles like the PlayStation 2 has limited 2 Player Games. Majority of games however are 1 player. If it does say 2 Player, it is actually the cheap, short multiplayer mini games. I believe there should be more offline, couch co-op games. I really like to do something about it, or create something that is missing. 

I read how some players prefer to play alone, online, but I also read many who likes couch co-op games. I feel developers should at least give players that option of choosing one of the 3. So I am presenting this to developers, while I am currently working on games. These are games I have worked on for a few years, but I improved them. Hopefully I will continue after I move. 

To give a little bit about the games, I am a game writer for Anime roleplaying games. I also have worked on a Korean game. I will give another post about that project. However, this is the reason why I am learning fluent Korean. So people misunderstood on what I thought about the relation between Japan and South Korea. I feel no one should criticize without knowing the full story. Anyway, the game is based upon my Korean series I am starting. That is another crucial reason to learn Korean. 

Although I work on Japanese and Korean games, I may expand my interest in other types of games. So that's my plan and proposal to game developers. Currently my family is discussing this. I just think there should be more full offline video games.

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