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  • To me, culture is important. I guess the reason is that for years I didn't know my own culture. I think from my background, I found how important and fascinating ancestry and culture can be. It also plays a huge role in my writing projects. For instance, I love to explore different cultures for research and writing purposes. I like to learn how other people live, especially if it's different than how I live. In this post, I will share thoughts about the countries I find interesting, and what interest me the most about them.

    My first real interest was long ago, when I developed an interest in the UK. I loved everything related to the country. I didn't really pick a favourite; England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, I loved them all. Well, maybe I did; Perhaps I favoured England. Everything about the UK I loved, especially those accents! I love British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh accents equally. I have always wanted to hear that accent in person. No, I have never met someone from the UK. I also prefer the UK spelling, wording, history, entertainment, and culture. I have even fantasized living in the UK instead of the US. 

    Of course, I also started an interest in Germany, and I have collected several books about the country. Unfortunately, I only knew about Germany from World War 2, which was obviously through the Nazis. I became almost obsessed in learning about Germany during these times. That was until I discovered a more fascinating side to Germany, meaning what it's known as today. My interest officially came recently when I discovered German music. I recently became interested in learning the German language.

    Recently, I grew an interest in all things Japan. My sister has introduced many Asian cultures to my family. I believe this is how I became interested. However, it officially started when I listened to Vocaloid. My sister tried enticing me to watch anime for years, but I never was interested. However, Japan is a living doll's dream place to live. It has became mine as well. I am looking forward to my family's move to Japan, as soon as everyone learns fluent Japanese. Also, when I have learned all of Japan's laws. For many reasons, Japan is first on my list of favourite countries. I guess my family has became sort of obsessed by all day watching of subtitled movies, obsessed in fitting into Asian sizes, purchasing a ton of items from the country, keeping packages and wrappers only because it has Japanese writing on it and/or it came from Japan, listening to Jpop or Kpop all day and dedicating entire rooms to our obsession. I love Japanese street fashion, the kawaii subcultures, cosplay, innovation and Japanese publishing options. I love how Japan is loyal to their traditions, cultures, history, language and religion. I also admire how hard working Japanese people in Japan are. Their way of life I am willing to adopt as my own.

    While Japan and South Korea are the top two favourites, Turkey would have to be my third. I guess what draws me to this country is the Turkish language, music, culture and Istanbul's shopping centre. I'm fascinated with the Turkish history, food, tea and I suppose Turkish people. My family recently found a Turkish restaurant I will further discuss in another post. I never knew there were Turkish people around in Columbia Heights before until seeing them enter the restaurant. Like what an internet meme I came across mentioned about how "brown" people tend to stare at people of their own kind, I also have this habit. It's just an instinctive habit that I watch the Turkish people. Of course yes, I also have a habit of staring at other Arabs, Somali and Indian people. This is merely out of fascination in them. Also, I never seen a Turkish person before in particular, nor have I met one. 

    Recently, I discovered Croatia, especially the music and became interested in learning more about the country. Currently, I was reading about the culture and how they try to preserve their historic buildings. Well the ones that were not destroyed or damaged.

    Lastly, I developed a fascination in Russia. I was amazed by Russia's architect and art. To me, almost every building in Russia is so beautiful. I love how they pay attention to detail. My favourite is the Kremlin. I have also developed an interest in Russian fashion, their scarves, music, the language and I guess just observing them. I just find them very distinguished from the other European races. Since learning Russians don't feel the same about America and Americans, I try to observe from afar. I just wish to respect their views. It has been my family's dream to visit Russia, but with the US and Russia on the brink of nuclear war, there is no way I would travel there. I just have this phobia of getting stuck in a foreign country, which is why I haven't traveled anywhere yet. With the increasing sightings of Russian military planes over my head as well, I suppose I developed what others may view as a nervousness regarding Russian people. I'm certainly afraid of their president. With that stated, I do find it fascinating to learn about living in Russia. No, not because I want to live there, but because of pure curiosity and interest. I'm also fascinated with the Russian language and became obsessed with Russian music. I love their accents, although recently I noticed their accents being more similar to the British, French and Turkish accent. More like a combination of the three. The Russian accent remains to be one of the most distinguished. I just sort of wonder why their accents suddenly sounds different. Most importantly, I find the Russian and also Ukrainian women are so beautiful. It amazes me how many resemble dolls. No, the most interesting part about Russia was when my mother and I watched something regarding their historic buildings. I really admire how Russians make an effort to preserve their history and culture, what I wish America did.  

    So I will share more countries and cultures I find interesting later.


    My Curiosity About Different Cultures

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