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  • Those neo-Nazis are at it again. Yep, trying to make my family's life in town horrible. I believe this time, our neighbors and even company workers are doing their part for the race war cause. My family is being targeted for obvious reasons. Just for being a minority.

    For a few days, my family noticed our internet connection was off and our electricity wasn't working properly. We later learned that someone went to the main power source to cut off our internet and electricity. It is uncertain which bigot did this, for there are many surrounding my family for us to look at only one person. I recently read how neo-Nazis are doing these sorts of acts to harass non-Whites.

    Also, the UPS and FedEx workers have been opening our packages and purposely damaging/breaking the items we purchase online. This has grown to be a personal and a big problem. My family shops online daily and we hope to solve this problem soon. Lately too, companies are ruining our internet shopping and online experiences. Our computers do not work as they should. There were laws reversed, allowing companies to discriminate against minorities and women. Also they have more ways to harass my family.

    The most annoying harassment takes place online mainly on social media. Often neo-Nazis spam minorities and women with adult/inappropriate images and fake spam accounts to follow minorities. They do this to get under our skin, to bother and harass us any and everyway possible.

    I don't understand this constant harassment and personal attacks from neighbors and workers. It is only because my family are non-White and are women. There has also been a rise of misogynist. People assume neo-Nazis only target non-Whites, but they tend to have a strong dislike for women as well. Typically, the average neo-Nazi has no respect for women and they follow primitive but biblical teachings. This is when women couldn't even speak unless spoken to, it was forbidden for women to learn, they were sold like cattle, it was forbidden for women to preach and women were taught to be submissive to males. Yes, these are Christian teachings, which can show Christianity is not entirely for gender equality. It makes no sense for this constant harassment, because my family stays out of everyone's way, we let the racists and sexists have the space they want and we never do anything to deserve such ill-treatment. My family treats everyone with fair and equal respect. It can be quite depressing to be treated as if you are less of a human, you are of no value, and you are like diseased only because of your ethnicity or gender.

    I believe all of this daily harassment is plain unnecessary and ridiculous. I wish soon it will come to an end. I'm just waiting for everyone to calm down a bit.

    Ridiculous Harassment from Neo Nazis

  • First, I have been wanting to convert a historical story into a manga. However, my mother and I are debating which things I should include or dump out of my version of the story.

    I didn't want to write Ecchi, and I don't want to be labeled as an Ecchi writer. It is just that, some material I am considering keeping would unfortunately fall into the Ecchi/Harem category. Also some primitive customs are questionable now. I wanted it to be a Shounen manga series. So, I am trying to keep the Shounen theme.

    I just wanted to discuss this after being asked in a conversation. It was pretty awkward in a business setting. I actually dislike Ecchi Anime, and it's the main reason why I stopped watching anime. So I don't want people to think all of my manga will have this sort of material in it. I just have this one series which is based upon a historical, nonfiction story.

    No, I'm not Really an Ecchi Writer

  • This is artwork of Smile Dog, from the Creepypasta. Since there were several curious about my entry on Deviant Art, I decided to post this. I will not share the fictional story of Smile Dog, but only share my findings. If you would like to read the fictional story to see who is the fictional Smile Dog, here is a link:

    My encounter of Smile Dog was worth sharing. Yes, I am willing to share my encounter and my discovery of this beast. The name Smile Dog is actually fictional, but I am trying to find its real name. I don't believe in talking to demons, so I won't do something like using Wicca and conjuring it. That would be pretty dumb.

    Anyway, this post was to promote the study of demonology, as I have been doing for a few years. Also, it was to confirm my old post about Smile Dog. Yes, there are other Smile Dogs, and no, it is not really a dog. Despite of the criticism, I stand behind my findings. Many don't realize I have studied demons long enough, and I lived in a haunted house to know what I am talking about. No, the Creepypasta story is not true, nor is the name Smile Dog. I am saying this was based upon a real demon. However, this demon does have a Husky dog form. The Google images would be similar to how he really looks, but this is not his true form.

    Smile Dog Artwork for Demonology

  • Wow, I have never seen these many bigots driving on motorcycles and walking the streets in my life. I am aware of the risk of me posting about this, but it's difficult to ignore. There must be some rally in Minnesota too, for it wouldn't be these many Neo-Nazis out. My family was looking out our window and saw a bunch of them on motorcycles, with Nazi bands on their arms and showing other White Supremacist symbols. They are all around the house, forcing my family to stay inside for our own safety.

    This causes me to look back on the posts I made about the American Civil War. Well, unfortunately I am unable to travel to the historical sites due to these large rallies and violence against non-Whites. Also there have been increased violence against women (by Neo-Nazis), which makes it double for me. It's bad enough I cannot visit many different countries now due to the increased hatred towards Americans, it is even worse when I cannot go anywhere in my own country. Or even worse that I can't leave outside my own house. Everyday, people treat my family like we don't belong in America. It can be hard when America is all you know. Like, where do I belong then?

    I continue to study the American Civil War, although I am noticing bigotry from other Civil War researchers now. They behave as if the American Civil War is only for Whites to learn. Also they get angry when my knowledge on the Civil War surpasses theirs. It is unfair to exclude others who are genuinely interested in learning about the war. I feel now this is another reason why minorities do not study the American Civil War. However, education is for everyone, not just for White Americans. I have spent about 7 years studying the Civil War, and know quite a bit about it. I find history interesting; also, it is nice to know about the country you live in. That is why I am continuing my research and writing about the Civil War.

    It's unbelievable. While most are saying other States are bad for its bigotry, Minnesota should be at the top of the list for the most racist States in the United States. I guess that's all.

    Hundreds of White Nationalists Seen

  • So after the recent brand change, as I stated before, the Tikaani Moon brand will be combined with my living doll career brand. I know it's a complete change from my original brand, but I had to improvise.

    Tikaani Moon use to be a quite dark and mysterious theme. Now it sort of shifted to more like a dollie theme. I will continue to use the wolf because that is the brand of Tikaani Moon. As planned, I'm transforming myself into a real life Ellowyne Wilde doll until I can bring out my own original character brand. I do more like role playing, like I have been doing all this time. I plan to get more involved with my role-playing. I will soon share my full idea on how I will role play as Tikaani, but for now, I will role play for the Ellowyne Wilde doll. Well, most of the time.

    I plan to continue sharing my living doll transformation journey on this blog because it is a part of my role-playing brand. Also, it is a part of my author brand. I am going to keep up with the Tikaani Moon brand, but just I will not bring out my character design which I'm going to dress as soon.

    I just wanted to share this too. All I have to say is, I'm looking forward to completing my Ellowyne Wilde doll look transformation.

    Combining Tikaani Moon Brand with Living Doll Brand

  • I decided to post about customer service because I am into business, and importantly, it has became poor. I have to admit, the customer service in America has gone down to a mediocre level. I mean in everything, to restaurants, Directv, stores and everywhere else. That is the main reason my family stopped ordering fast foods, including cutting off many Halal restaurants. I don't want to exempt these sorts of restaurants because they too can have poor customer service. I feel it's not worth the money if your order is always wrong, you get too much lip and attitude and not being treated like a valued customer. It is most convenient during break, but I whether drive all the way back home for lunch than to order anything else. That and the common fast food eateries (like Burger King, Sonic, etc.) I discovered what they actually put in their food. They are the reason I became a vegetarian. Here is a hint, I didn't want to keep eating rats and horses.

    I also find poor customer service in nail salons, shipping and packing services (UPS, FedEx), Directv (The worst), Century Link, and shopping stores. Of course there are many others, but I needed to list the ones that desperately needs to improve their customer service systems.

    I feel many workers fail to realize they are providing a business and a service to others. If you cannot understand this, working with people is the wrong job for you. Even myself, who is an introverted individual knows how to treat people during work.

    The most common excuse I hear is that the person either wasn't trained in customer service, or they had a bad day. To me these are poor excuses. First off, you don't have to be trained in customer service to know you should treat and talk to people the way you would like to be treated or spoken to. Second, the problems you may have in your life has nothing to do with the job nor the customer. For years, I learned to separate personal and business. Never would I take my frustrations or anything else out on an innocent customer. I mean, what do they have to do with the issues you have at home? Nothing. It makes no sense to me, and that is never a good excuse to provide poor customer service.

    Poor customer service is bad for business. It turns customers away from using your services, and perhaps they will spread the word about your poor customer service. I came to discover that customer service is key, but it's the number one thing that lacks in the world. You may have a good service/company, but if the customer service is poor, you are eventually bound to fail. Maintaining excellent customer service is a right way of making sure customers get what they pay for, and it's also about treating humans with respect.

    Customer Service Lacking

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