• 12 August, 2017

    Wow, I have never seen these many bigots driving on motorcycles and walking the streets in my life. I am aware of the risk of me posting about this, but it's difficult to ignore. There must be some rally in Minnesota too, for it wouldn't be these many Neo-Nazis out. My family was looking out our window and saw a bunch of them on motorcycles, with Nazi bands on their arms and showing other White Supremacist symbols. They are all around the house, forcing my family to stay inside for our own safety.

    This causes me to look back on the posts I made about the American Civil War. Well, unfortunately I am unable to travel to the historical sites due to these large rallies and violence against non-Whites. Also there have been increased violence against women (by Neo-Nazis), which makes it double for me. It's bad enough I cannot visit many different countries now due to the increased hatred towards Americans, it is even worse when I cannot go anywhere in my own country. Or even worse that I can't leave outside my own house. Everyday, people treat my family like we don't belong in America. It can be hard when America is all you know. Like, where do I belong then?

    I continue to study the American Civil War, although I am noticing bigotry from other Civil War researchers now. They behave as if the American Civil War is only for Whites to learn. Also they get angry when my knowledge on the Civil War surpasses theirs. It is unfair to exclude others who are genuinely interested in learning about the war. I feel now this is another reason why minorities do not study the American Civil War. However, education is for everyone, not just for White Americans. I have spent about 7 years studying the Civil War, and know quite a bit about it. I find history interesting; also, it is nice to know about the country you live in. That is why I am continuing my research and writing about the Civil War.

    It's unbelievable. While most are saying other States are bad for its bigotry, Minnesota should be at the top of the list for the most racist States in the United States. I guess that's all.

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