• 26 August, 2017

    Those neo-Nazis are at it again. Yep, trying to make my family's life in town horrible. I believe this time, our neighbors and even company workers are doing their part for the race war cause. My family is being targeted for obvious reasons. Just for being a minority.

    For a few days, my family noticed our internet connection was off and our electricity wasn't working properly. We later learned that someone went to the main power source to cut off our internet and electricity. It is uncertain which bigot did this, for there are many surrounding my family for us to look at only one person. I recently read how neo-Nazis are doing these sorts of acts to harass non-Whites.

    Also, the UPS and FedEx workers have been opening our packages and purposely damaging/breaking the items we purchase online. This has grown to be a personal and a big problem. My family shops online daily and we hope to solve this problem soon. Lately too, companies are ruining our internet shopping and online experiences. Our computers do not work as they should. There were laws reversed, allowing companies to discriminate against minorities and women. Also they have more ways to harass my family.

    The most annoying harassment takes place online mainly on social media. Often neo-Nazis spam minorities and women with adult/inappropriate images and fake spam accounts to follow minorities. They do this to get under our skin, to bother and harass us any and everyway possible.

    I don't understand this constant harassment and personal attacks from neighbors and workers. It is only because my family are non-White and are women. There has also been a rise of misogynist. People assume neo-Nazis only target non-Whites, but they tend to have a strong dislike for women as well. Typically, the average neo-Nazi has no respect for women and they follow primitive but biblical teachings. This is when women couldn't even speak unless spoken to, it was forbidden for women to learn, they were sold like cattle, it was forbidden for women to preach and women were taught to be submissive to males. Yes, these are Christian teachings, which can show Christianity is not entirely for gender equality. It makes no sense for this constant harassment, because my family stays out of everyone's way, we let the racists and sexists have the space they want and we never do anything to deserve such ill-treatment. My family treats everyone with fair and equal respect. It can be quite depressing to be treated as if you are less of a human, you are of no value, and you are like diseased only because of your ethnicity or gender.

    I believe all of this daily harassment is plain unnecessary and ridiculous. I wish soon it will come to an end. I'm just waiting for everyone to calm down a bit.

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