• 04 November, 2017

    Recently, I learned and realized a lot regarding music. Yes, unfortunately, it's another topic related to race and nationality.

    Music is important to me. I listen to music when I write and doing other work, so in a way this is in relation to my writing inspirations. I actually cannot write without listening to my playlists on Spotify. Whenever me and also my family listened to music, I never looked at race or anything. I never even bothered to know anything about the artist. I just listened to music I thought was great. It never occurred to me that the people making the music cared so much about race, and who was actually listening to their music.

    I visited Tumblr and ran across a page for Rock music appreciation. I read a post about too bad the bands they like are racist bigots. I was thinking, racist? So I clicked to read the comments, and read how many of these bands are actually Neo-Nazi. They of course were willing to continue listening to their music. The comments made me think, these people wouldn't have a problem with it because these are the audience Rock bands want. It's people like me who they hate.

    That's why I conducted some research, and found many articles that said White Supremacy still has a huge role in Rock and Metal bands. Most of them are actually affiliated with this, but they declined to reveal who they were. The articles said they are popular and well known bands. People gave suggestions on how to screen a band. However, I'm not willing to go through all of those bands, examining their symbols, looking at their tattoos, viewing their interviews and stuff. I don't normally go and bother to know everything about an artists. So I decided to ditch that genre. Unfortunately, it's not just these genres, but also Indie and the Christian music artists. Actually, I learned the Christian artists are worse than the non-Christian artists.

    I mean, I respect it if anyone doesn't want me to listen to their music. I believed they were very talented with the guitar and vocals. However, I don't have to listen to Rock ever again. There are so many other genres and music out today. Just one note, did they really think only Whites listen to Rock? I've seen so many people from all walks of life and from all over the world a fan of Rock.

    I now only listen to World music. I prefer Foreign music anyway. Like this, not only Koreans listen to Kpop, not only Turkish people listen to Turkish pop, for example. I have even seen Whites listen to Kpop and other World music. I never care or mind when others are interested in one of my cultures. I've seen others wear Punjabi suits because people thought they were beautiful clothes. I agree. I have even seen others eat at Halal Restaurants. I just don't understand racist people going to these places or wearing these clothes.

    For example, one time my family were waiting for our order, when we saw Whites entering the restaurant. I noticed they were staring, so I gave a smile to be friendly. Then a man rolled his eyes, saying he hates people from the Middle East. I was like, are you serious? He's in a Halal restaurant.

    The point I really wanted to say, is that I feel when it comes to someone else's culture, they tend to be exclusive. When it comes to our culture, we are expected to be inclusive. Well, in the US, it is often considered bizarre to listen to World music. I disagree. I love World music as much as I love Classical music. This is the most underappreciated music in the world. I think Classical music is beautiful. No one can claim Classical music as theirs. It is universal for everyone to appreciate. I love Opera and Classical, and everyone from all walks of life can appreciate this music.  However, World music is the only music I listen to while working.

    This reminds me of a few years ago when Tommy Hilfiger, a fashion designer, said he wouldn't have designed clothes if he knew Blacks would wear his clothes. Basically, he didn't want Blacks to wear anything he designed. My family was offended by this because we bought a lot of his clothes. Since targeting Blacks, I knew he also meant all non-White people. So, my family threw out everything from Tommy Hilfiger, and never bought any of his brand again.

    All I have to say is, I'm done with Rock and Indie music. 

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