Sunday, February 26, 2017

Comparing the Drumgole DNA (Strange Similarity)

I have been learning about DNA and more genealogy. What I learned is how similar the Drumgole family's DNA is to my own DNA. Now, this is the family who adopted my mother, and who doesn't have any ties to my family. Due to this similarity, I saw how Ancestry and 23andMe combined our DNA with the Drumgole family's. In a way, I don't understand this because even if we thought the Drumgoles were our real family, the DNA wouldn't have matched. Ancestry at first briefly gave my family different results, but when knowing what race we have identified with and we claimed the Drumgoles were our family, they changed the results to match their ancestry. Anyway, I found documents and articles which further shares the DNA and ancestry of the Drumgole family. I will share this and then compare it with my family's DNA. There are similarities, but slight differences that can be obvious we are not related.

I remembered my step-grandma telling me her mother's father was a full-blooded Native American. I am guessing of the Cherokee tribe. Recently, I found a document when my step-grandma's mother was four years old. Both the mother and father were labeled as negro, the term in the past. This was when I honestly doubted what my step-grandma told me. That was until I came across this "Black-Dutch" a term used for people with darker skin complexions than usual Europeans. I read how many Native Americans considered themselves as this, and even Portuguese. This is where the confusion of my own DNA can occur. Then there is a Portuguese Indian term, which is only Native Americans. However, there is also that term referring to Indians from India or any other Indian country in Portugal. The issue in the United States is that most confuse the term Indian for Native American. I learned my family are actually half Indian-Pakistani mix. My mother's father has both Pakistani and Indian background.

I have found some Portuguese and Spanish percentages in my DNA, and also the Drumgole's DNA. Although there are some Spanish traits, I found the ancestry traces back to the African slaves and Native Americans in Spain for the Drumgole family. My DNA is traced from the Arab Muslim influence of Spain and Portugal. Since the tribe my family descends from was mentioned, I read an article about the Arab slave trade and stuff. I read about concubines, which can explain my family's percentage of Spanish Portuguese and Spanish from Spain. However, the Drumgole family's DNA goes to another ancestral direction. It is from the Indigenous natives to Brazil and Mexico. I came across a race called Amerindians. They are an Indigenous of both South and North America. My DNA is only of Portuguese and Spanish background through the Arab influence.

I came across a chief named Doublehead and below that I found a tribe called Powhatan. It strangely said the descendants of Pocahontas. If this was true, the Drumgole family never told me this.

We both have ancestry from Africa, but from different regions and slightly different traits. It was confirmed that the Drumgole family also have high percentages of the regions Ancestry and 23andMe told my family we descended from. This wasn't true. The Drumgoles have traits from West Africa, Central and South Africa. The Drumgoles and I both contain traits from Ethiopia, but they are different percentages. While mines is very low and due to the slave trade again, the Drumgoles have a higher percentage from Ethiopia. I also have some traits from Somalia, but the Drumgole family does not. My family have traits from North Africa and the Middle East, mainly the Arabian Peninsula. Actually, my family originates from the Arabian Peninsula. The tribe I found originates from somewhere around Central Asia, Iraq, Syria and now called Iran. It says the Drumgole family has 0% Arab percentages. This is a major key in knowing our kinship. Although the 88% may not be too accurate, my family still has a very high percentage from the Arab trait. My African ancestry is only from the Arab and Jewish influence. Also Berber. It also says, the Drumgole family has little to no percentage in the Middle East, India, Caucasus and Central Asia.

This is like the same with me, where I cannot find any traces of Native American percentage. The Drumgole family's Native American percentage is high, with three major tribes. They would be Cherokee, Blackfoot and Powhatan. However, out of all of my searching, I only came across Bashkir, a Turkic race of Russia. I also recently found a trait from Northwestern Russia. No, not Native American, but a Finnio-Ugric race (Vepsian). Speaking of Russia, I have found a great percentage of Russian ancestry in the Drumgole family. However, it is from the Siberian/Nenet Native tribe. This puzzled me, and so I went to compare my own Russian background to see if I had the same DNA. I instead found Caucasus Turkic and Iranic races. They are Chechen, Avar, Tatar, Ahiska, Circassian and an old term called Ruthenian. This includes modern day Ukraine, Russia, Slovak, Poland, Romania and Belarus. Recently, I found a 22% of, well it was labeled under soviet. I wasn't for sure what this meant.  I have also found percentages from Uzbekistan and Turkey. The Drumgole family I discovered has no Turkish traits.

There was some term to refer to those mixed with African, European and Native American ancestry. This term is called Melungeon. It was made popular by a Nashville journalist, a Drumgole. Yes, I have heard the Drumgole surname is of Irish origin. Also that the Drumgole family contains DNA from Irish and Scottish traits. It is more like a mix of Irish and Scottish. The other important trait, I learned my family's European percentages comes from different countries. This means, I found no percentages of Irish and Scottish. Maybe a very low percentage of Irish. It is not enough for a match of the Drumgole's DNA. I discovered traces mainly from the Arab, Circassian and Turkish migrations and influences of Europe, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Philippines for my DNA.

Now the Jewish trait can be the most tricky and confusing. I have heard my step-grandma claim her family has Jewish traits. For years, I wasn't sure how true that was. Recently, I read a document mentioning of Portuguese Jews. Yes the same Jewish people found in my family's DNA. However, recently I discovered the Cohen or Cohanim Jews. While most of my family's DNA ancestry claims to be descendants from the Sharif or Sharifah family (who claims to be descendants of Muhammad, but also the exact descendant from Ishmael), the Jewish trait claims descendants of the biblical Aaron's sons. I am not sure about that, but I do know my mother is from the Hashemites/Hussein royal family. For the Jewish trait again, I have found Ashkenazi and Jews in Libya. This I have not found in the Drumgole family. I have found the Drumgole family's haplogroup, they would be E1b1a and Q1A3A-1. Although females do not posses Y/paternal DNA, I recently discovered females would however get some parts of their DNA from the great-great grandfather. So for my family, this haplogroup would be J1. The mtdna or maternal DNA would be a T1. Although it's not proven yet, it would seem possibly my mother's father contained a J-M172 haplogroup.     

As you can see, there can be slight similarities and slight differences in the DNA. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

What Happened to America?

This will be probably my final statement and post about the country, the United States. After this, I will stay out of this problem until I become established. With the new stricter laws in place, my hands are tied with many things. Recently, I spoken to the company who helps me with my blog regarding the reversal of free and anti-discriminating laws. I wasn't for sure if this was the best time to upgrade my blog. I know it is now I face jail time (seriously prison) and/or more harassment by White Nationalists for speaking of this topic. Laws were changed that the police can discriminate, torture and kill minorities and women. They are also more militant. Now guards are everywhere you turn. This is why my family wants no trouble, and we avoid the police. Yes, they say the police is suppose to protect you and be fair, but not how I've seen the police choke, stomp and punch minority women in the street. Also, not how poorly the police have treated my family. These are things the news are now forbidden to cover and report, or they face prison and the wrath of Klan people. So, I told the company how I am affected by the new laws. Only because I am not White and I am a woman, the laws limits how many people can view my blog. I am being monitored even more, and if it is an unfavored viewpoint (meaning anything Anti-Trump, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Police), it can be blocked and cause visitors to have difficulties with the site. It can even be flagged as inappropriate and removed. My entire Google account can be removed, which would not be good for me since I write all of my books on Google Docs. So I will remove them off Google. There are many things I will not mention because I'm not allowed to discuss it unless I want the Ku Klux Klan torturing me and my family. That or the police. Yes, they can find you, and it's not fun to be surrounded by a mob and then having a bunch of bigots beating you in the street. No one will help.

I just wanted to share how my family believes the NAACP is a joke. I am aware this is suppose to be an activist group for people of color, so I mean no offense. I am aware this is a group African Americans takes pride about. Our freedom of speech, having a voice and having someone fighting for you is nothing but a lie. Everyone in authority and the media tells you this, but in reality, Americans doesn't have freedom of speech anymore unless you are an extremist. First, my mother called the NAACP and the senators, including Al Franken and others. We even contacted CNN and local news channels. I am not trying to sound racist by saying this, but I have no respect for the leaders of the NAACP. My mother called and was directed to the Rochester, Minnesota office to that branch. We were genuinely wishing to help regarding the rising issue in the United States. We shared how the harassment is increasing and the threats are growing. I mean, we have been ran off the road, cursed out for no reason, we've seen people wearing KKK robes in public, people wanting to fight us, chasing us and always giving us the middle finger (again for no reason). We cannot even make eye contact or they feel they should swear at us or beat us up. These racists behave like they are above us, and they can say and do whatever they wish to us only because Donald Trump is in office. They feel like now this is their time to get their White America back. So we also told him about our neighbors, who harasses us, threatens to shoot us, plays Klan music, invites their racist friends to threaten us, trying to stop us from selling our house and treats us like we are their slaves. The man got very annoyed and rude with us. He was defending the Klan people, saying they are law abiding citizens and we are not. He told us it made no sense to avoid the neighbors who swears and yells at us in the yard and pulls out their guns at us, and the other neighbors who releases their dogs to jump the fence and attack us. He told us we are just paranoid like racism doesn't exist, and no one can stop you from moving, it's something that we are doing to cause this. I mean, this is exactly what the racist people wants you to think; that you are the problem. He told us not to defend ourselves, but to allow them to kill us. He defended the police, saying we are ridiculous for saying the police will not treat us fairly or shoot us too. Wait until the Klan people kill us, and then it's justified to have said that.

I was thinking he is one of the most ignorant person who shouldn't be a leader of the activist group. Excuse me for using this term, but it's fair to say he's like an Uncle Tom/Jim Crow who kisses up to Donald Trump and his followers. They no longer have my family's support. I thought we can band together or have someone with a greater power to help, we wanted to also get involved. I was about to band together to help the Native Americans, but the Native Americans doesn't need help like that. They tell us to unite, but they are helping divide America. There is no justice and help for allowing White Nationalists to torture and kill us. It's unfair to state we should be like a slave, keep our mouth shut, keep our head down and allow them to rule us, and obey what the White Nationalists command. The harassment however comes from non-Trump supporters and Trump supporters. I mean, you can get harassed, beaten, tortured or killed for supporting or not supporting Donald Trump. I would like to say also that the NAACP leader in Minnesota seemed prejudice because of my family's appearance (he thought we were Muslim). He didn't believe me when I said I'm not White when he asked, which increased his frustration. It shouldn't have mattered how my family looked or what race we are. I thought it shouldn't matter too that we're not African American.

In the United States now, all non-Whites are considered colored or Black. So they put us in the same category. It's law in the US that the government is suppose to allow people to select which race they wish to identify with. However, this law is not followed. I hear people argue that Portuguese are White, but I am considered as Latino, in which I don't mind because I am. Everything changed when finding out I'm Jewish. The constant comments online doesn't bother me, nor does it bother me for someone to yell at me in public. I ignore their comments. However, they also throw things at my family and threaten to kill us. They even threaten us because they hate Arabs and Turkish people. What am I kidding? They hate everyone who is not White. This bothers me a lot because now my family is poorly treated everywhere we go. We can't even be in our own yard. So we are all in the same boat as you can see. I thought the NAACP wanted to unite for a cause, but I see they don't. My family knew Rev. Jerry Mcafee and believed he was unfit to be the leader of the NAACP; however neither is this new leader. White Nationalists around the world is joining the American extremists for their cause, why can't everyone do the same for a good cause?  

When trying to talk to senators, they avoid us and ignore us. This was the reason my family recently quit as politicians. No one is speaking up for us, and if no one is, what can we do when you don't have a voice? What am I talking about? Talking is all they do, but they don't get up and actually do something. Just today too, my family tried talking to CNN and channel 5 news. A guy named Tim picked up the phone for channel 5. He told us he is careful about what he covers. We said we wanted to discuss hate crimes against minorities, and he asked with excitement, "hate crimes against White people?!" He was only interested in hearing about and covering something regarding Whites or Klan people. I don't want to be treated like I don't matter, my life is of no value and because I'm a non-White woman, I don't exist. CNN I have asked them for a long time to cover and show more Native Americans. This was way before reporters were being beaten, tortured and imprisoned for covering Native Americans. It was way before Donald Trump was in office. Even now, I believe they are able to, but they just ignore us. They cover what they want and censor us, and silence us. That Smerconish is the worst, purposely ignoring and censoring us for mentioning Native American rights. Freedom of speech, fairness and democracy is gone.

In the Freedom Report, the United States has been ranked now at 48, and it's considered not a free country anymore. This is completely true. It's a shame after all of this progress, that America went back so far to like the Civil War and Civil Rights era where race is such a big deal. I just have to say, there are genuine sadness and tears for the mistreatment of the Native American people. This is literally. When my family sees a Native American crying, heartbroken because the government evicts them off their own land, erases what little culture they have in America, or they are treated not like human beings, it can be hard not to cry yourself. I wish I could wrap my arms around them, letting them know someone sympathizes and understands. Looking at the carnage in Syria, it can be sad to know a part of my family's heritage has been destroyed. I find culture important. Like how everyone is not concerned about my culture because they are not Syrian. It's the same as people who doesn't care about Native Americans; they again feel oh, it's just a Native American, and they are not Native American. It doesn't matter if my family are not Native American. It's unfair to attack them with dogs, shoot them, torture them, put them in metal cages and to remove them off their own land. I'm sorry no one will not end the injustice. It's also a shame that unless you are a celebrity or a rich extremist, your words means nothing. You can speak, protest or whatever how long you wish, but it's in vain. I'm also disgusted how the American publishing companies changed to fit this fascist world. It also doesn't make any sense how social media networks allow these Neo-Nazis to rule and govern the internet. It has badly affected my vlogging, blogging, living doll and my writing career. That's all I have to say about this.       

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