• 21 March, 2018

    This was mainly for people who have been confused, and who have asked me about my previous posts. I may further explain, but to not have this a complete educational post, I will only share general things for an understanding.

    Americans fail to realize that there are different ethnic groups in Russia. Also yes, Slavs are in fact European (many Americans don't know this apparently). I have ran across people who have read my postings get confused when I use Slavic and Russian together. Okay, Slavic or Slavs are Russians. They are considered East Slavic. South Slavs are not Russians, but they are in the same Slavic family. However, Slavs are not the only race in Russia.

    I have always been interested in the Indigenous people in Russia. So I studied them for years. My particular interest is in the Nentsy tribe, where the Siberian Husky came from. It was very cool to learn that the Drumgole family have Nensty people in their family. Actually, Russia's European origins are the same as America's and Australia's (Australians actually originated from England). You know the incident with Europeans and Native Americans. I learned about the whole incident, but I whether not go into that. I just dislike talking badly about other countries.

    Maybe I could have been more specific in my posts, but I wasn't really referring to the Slavs in Russia when I mention my Russian ancestry. I mainly refer to the Turkic races, which is not European. Turkish people are more related to East Asian, Oriental people. Even the Turks in Turkey are. Natural Selection is responsible for how Turkish people currently look.

    Since migrating from Mongolia (Oghuz tribe), the people of Turkey adapted to their new environment which is Anatolia, or modern day Turkey. I don't want this to be a boring science and biology lesson, but I study and take a lot of science and biology classes to understand Natural Selection. Also, as a registered nurse, I have to know these things. I won't go too much into biology and stuff. Sandwiched in between Europe and the Middle East (West Asia), Turks sort of changed from how they originally looked and even their behaviour (religion too). However, many East Asian traditions and customs are in tact. For instance, in Turkey, people still have to take off shoes and put on slippers before entering a house just as I read about Japan.

    I do remember my step-grandma vaguely share how I have ancestry from Turkic, Romani and Slavic people. Perhaps the family I originated from have crossbred with Slavs and Gypsies. So in a way, I could have been referring to the Slavic people, but mainly I am not. Another thing mentioned is how I often change which race I identify with. Do keep in mind I am a mixed raced person. I have read how mixed people are not confused, but sometimes I actually do get confused due to my research. However, I am going to identify myself as either South Asian or Filipino for now on. I whether not identify with any of my Russian or Middle Eastern ancestry anymore, no matter what percentage I may be of the races. I technically could call myself South Asian because Romani people originated from India, from the Indian Gypsies. They have DNA ancestry from South Asian and West Asian (Middle East) people. So technically, I am considered Indian.

    I also understand Gypsy is an ethnic slur, which is equivalent to calling a Native American Indian, or an African American the N word (I'm not really sure if it's that offensive though). Europeans called Romani people Gypsies because they falsely assumed they originated from Egypt. However apparently too, Americans are confused when I just say Romani or Roma. They have never heard of this race before. That's why I have to mention the term Gypsy or say you know like Esmeralda?

    Well, that may not actually be true that I won't ever identify myself as those races again. If I have learned something new about one of my cultures, I can't help but to share. I just try to identify with the culture I mostly take after.

    ...And so, I didn't intend this one to be a long post, but I just wanted to clear some confusion many had about the other posts.   

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