• 17 April, 2018

    The appointment that was scheduled for Tuesday, which is today, was rescheduled for 3 weeks. So in 3 weeks, I will visit this plastic surgeon. This appointment is not the actual procedure date, but it is just a pre-op. Everyone advised the appointment to be rescheduled due to my flu. I really feel-well, I suppose not 100%, but it wasn't like I was getting the surgery today. Still anyway, I hope to get rid of this flu before the 3 weeks. This does give me more time to prepare.

    I'm not really sure why, but I took a long break from wearing my dolly clothing. Oh I know why now. I really wanted to perfect that Gyaru and Ulzzang makeup, because the makeup is what gives the porcelain dolly look. I never really wore makeup, and so this is also kind of new to me. Unfortunately, this time has gotten me use to not wearing skirts and dresses too. I don't wear skirts and dresses. When people saw me wearing a skirt or a dress, their jaws dropped in shock. I guess because the activities I normally do, well, it would be inappropriate to wear a skirt or a dress. I also use to not like skirts or dresses, but now I'm addicted to purchasing them. Purchasing, but not recently wearing, but that will change soon.

    I guess I am getting an entire makeover. I was a tomboyish skater girl, now transformed into a real life fashion doll, the Ellowyne Wilde Doll. I gave up most of the outdoor activities I enjoyed to become a real life doll. How much those Lolita dresses cost, I definitely would not get them ruined. I am pursuing a career in becoming a model for mostly kawaii, dolly type fashion and historical clothing. I will not always wear the same style of clothing everyday. I aim to wear all of my favourite styles of clothing, but it still has a cute, dolly appearance.

    I don't really want to be labeled as a Human Barbie, although people probably could to simplify things. However, I'm not transforming myself to look like Barbie, because there are so many other beautiful dolls in the world. The Ellowyne Wilde Doll is beautiful to me, that's why I have to imitate that beauty. Well, also I have been wanting to switch themes. My personality is much like an Anime character really, and so I wished to capture this beautiful art in a real life form.

    What's different about my daily activities, is that I've been trying to get into more cute, Kawaii things. I am getting into different teas and drinking tea. Oddly, my very first tea I tried was called Zavarka, a Russian tea. Because of my interest in Japanese stuff, I've been wanting to try Japanese tea.

    On that subject, I noticed becoming a real life doll has greatly interested me in Japanese and Korean culture. Now I really love Japanese and Korean fashion and music. I listen to mostly Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and other Jpop and also Kpop, but Kyary Pamyu Pamyu since she is the queen of Kawaii, it inspires to be Kawaii. I've been wanting to incorporate the Turkish culture in some way because I really love the Turkish culture too.

    So I'm going to prepare some more and get rid of this flu I have during the 3 week wait. I have been doing more research on the procedures I want done. I have a high tolerance to pain, and so I'm not worried too much about that. Just think though, the things we do for beauty, huh?

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