• 19 April, 2018

    Sometimes, I can forget I've been a registered nurse for 5 years. I remember when my mother suggested going into healthcare because healthcare jobs are guaranteed to still exists as others fade.

    My mother's boss, a doctor from Iraq, always wanted me to work for his company. Well one of many of his companies. I had many people curious about the company I work for. To answer their questions, yes mostly everyone who works there and who owns the company are Muslim. They speak and write in Arabic everyday, which was why I am learning Arabic to have better communication with everyone. Most always assume my mother and I can speak Arabic, but we can't. There can be poor communication because of this. My boss seems to favor employees who are his same race. I feel awkward being put above the employees who are not of Middle Eastern descent.

    I immediately started training as soon as I applied for the job. Now to start on my new job as a nurse, my mother advised being a PCA. I am uncertain if I would want to work in hospitals yet as I am constantly asked to, but I currently work as someone who provides medical care for seniors and disabled people. This has taught me to have respect for people with disabilities, and to be sensitive with them. I also grew to better appreciate seniors and their company.

    I mostly work with hospice patients, people who are terminally ill. Not all are seniors neither. Many of these patients are children. Others tell me they don't see how I do this job, and they express a concern for being depressed over the job. It can get really sad everyday, especially when patients die. Sometimes you can get too attached to them. It can often cause you to think about death a lot. Playing video games, writing and enjoying nature and peace has helped.

    It can take up a lot of time, and it can be lots of work to do everyday. I do this while trying to finish and publish a book, work on other writing projects, develop a new gaming console, study, learn languages, help start a new online store, and starting a career as a new living doll. It's a lot, but I like keeping myself busy. However because I do this sort of work, it leaves small windows open to post everyday. Out of complete boredom at the time, I can't help but to post.

    I began using my living doll career to give therapy, support and entertainment to these patients. I do this for all patients, young and old, including veterans. Not all of the veterans are in hospice care, but some are either wounded or suffering from post-traumatic stress. I took a break from this in order to have a complete doll appearance I am satisfied with.

    I was and still am quite obsessed with the military, and at first I wanted to enlist. My study of the military and military history gave me better respect and appreciation for the people in the military. That's why I accepted the invitation to also help veterans.

    So, I just wanted to share my job outside of writing. I hope to soon share more...

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