• 24 May, 2018

    Despite of many experts advising me to change my author brand and pen name from the Native American theme before publication, but I choose to bring awareness of their culture. If you do not love these people, the Indigenous people as I have came to love them, then you simply could not appreciate my work. I learned if everyone followed their way of life, most of the world's problems would be no more. Although I learned I am not related to them by DNA, I share their tears, I feel their pain and I understand completely. You don't have to be Native American to acknowledge their oppression. I believe we should all stick together and help each other out, including those not of your own race. So, I choose to keep my pen name, and will publish under Tikaani Moon. I wished to share that I do this only to bring awareness. I wanted something with a Native American theme that wasn't mocking and disrespecting them, in which I haven't really seen. It means a lot that I publish this way.

    I believe my adoptive step-grandma influenced a lot of my views on Native Americans and America. I was accepted and adopted into my step-grandma's family, but I mostly felt connected to the Native American side of their family. Through adoption, sadly that question, what are you? Is puzzling to me. I was recently questioned this by a writing workshop, who wanted to select which race I was. Also, literary agents and writing associations wanted this information as well. Through adoption, I lost my own culture, ancestry and family, and the Native American culture is the only thing I was raised to know. Honestly, I am grateful to have gotten to know their beautiful culture.

    I was given advice to pick an author brand from my own culture, but what culture is that? You know, that's very hard to do when the stuff I'm finding out about myself, well, my own ancestry gets a lot of bias reactions. All I wish to identify myself as, is biracial and mixed race because that's what I am. That question kind of upsets me because I lost who I am.

    How can I know when no one is willing to tell me? All they say is very vague crap. They mention the Middle East, India and Russia. Okay, I know my mixed ancestry does include the Middle East, India, Philippines and Russia in some way, but I am not 100% how. Why is that so important to know anyway? I have came across several who wants to bombard me with these questions. Can't I not just publish without answering this question? People think when I refuse to answer their questions, I am being rude, but this question is difficult to answer for biracial people. Deep down, I wish I was not biracial. I wish to only identify with one race, and one race alone, but that's not the case with me. I hate that being a writer, that means you'll be labeled as your race. When people mention me, they'll probably always say, biracial writer. Since I am biracial, people pressure me even more to know what race I am; to see which races I represent and identify with.

    I have decided to not change my author brand or my pen name. This is my way of helping out the cause. Also, I feel if it's in our power to help others, we should help someone when you see them suffering. It says for America, "...For liberty and justice for all." And I have decided to volunteer a portion of my life to making sure everyone, including the Indigenous people are treated equally.   

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