• I am a writer currently based in Minnesota, U.S. I write books, games, manga, scripts and blogs. Pretty soon, my family will migrate to Japan to publish my projects and for other work as well. Outside of my writing career, I am a PCA at Pro-Health Care Home Healthcare Services, in which as a teenager, I became a registered nurse. I have 5 years experience in medicine and in the healthcare field.

    Also at a young age, I was homeschooled since 7th grade. Instead of public school, I took many college courses to increase my knowledge with college level education. I took many classes for certificates and degrees to help with my career, mostly for coding, computer & science, math, history, architecture, medicine, government and politics, journalism, writing, military studies and military history, along with several other classes. During the course of my entire homeschooling education, I was personally taught not only by my mother who is currently on her Master's degree, an 8th degree, many college professors, librarians, CEO's and leaders became my teachers. I have never stopped my education, for I believe education is a life lasting journey. I studied most recently at Rasmussen College, Southern New Hampshire University and several others mainly online. 

    I have become a new living doll. My goal is to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll with plastic surgery. I go by the name Sweet Pea. In my family is my mother, sister, step-grandma, two snakes named Ginger and Jerry, bird named Sky, Gerbil named Princess and a Morkie named Scottie. A Morkie is a Maltese-Yorkie mix. We live in a haunted house, which was nicknamed Proud Land. I am currently working on the book about my family's experience in the house.

    As an upcoming living doll, feel free to stick around to read about my transformation journey to become a human doll. Also as a knowledge seeker, I am on another journey to learn more about the things that I find interesting. My interest would be the beautiful Native American culture, in which I have studied Native American culture for about 8 years. I love learning about different cultures, and I like meeting people from different countries. Recently, I have gotten into genealogy, DNA and ancestry. I have been studying this for about a year or two now.

    I also study history, especially the American Civil War, World War II, Vietnam War, War of 1812, English Civil War, Kosovo War, Georgian War, and other historic wars. For about 7 years I have been studying the American Civil War, and for about 9 years, I studied World War II. I even took classes for The Civil War and Reconstruction Era and Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. In addition to that, I study and took several classes related to the American Old West history.

    Being a biracial person myself and having an adoptive background, I share my experiences a lot about being biracial and about adoption. This is to bring awareness to mixed raced people. I write reviews, write about business, my career as a new fashion designer for Kawaii Japanese fashion, paranormal researcher, photographer, entrepreneur and Native American activist.

    I am also a member of Horror Writers Association, International Game Developers Association, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Nonfiction Authors Association, The International Women's Writing Guild, Author Guild, International Bloggers' Association and Sisters in Crime.

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