About Tikaani Moon

Tikaani Moon has a new brand, which is the real author. I am a writer currently based in Minnesota, US. I write books, games, manga, scripts and blogs. Pretty soon, my family will move to Japan to publish my projects and for other work as well. Outside of my writing career, I am a nursing assistant at Pro-Health Care, in which at a young age, I became a registered nurse. Also at a young age, I was homeschooled since 7th grade. Instead of public school, I took many college courses to increase my knowledge with college level education. I have become a new living doll. My goal is to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll with plastic surgery. I go by the name Sweet Pea. In my family is my mother, who is also my manager for my work, sister, step-grandma and a Morkie named Scotty. We live in a haunted house, which was nicknamed Proud Land. I am currently working on the book about my family's experience in the house.

As an upcoming living doll, feel free to stick around to read about my transformation journey to become a human doll. Also as a knowledge seeker, I am on another journey to learn more about the things that I find interesting. 

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