• On June of 2016, I decided to become an activist for Native Americans. Not just for Native Americans, but for all Indigenous people. It all began when I started opening my eyes, and seeing how the United States censors, dishonors treaties, disrespects and they make Natives invisible to the world. Officially, it was when I started to really get involved in trying to stop the South Dakota pipeline, which destroyed sacred land, disrupted graves of those of the Native American's ancestors and also it tainted the water source on the reservation. Also, it is when I stopped to listen to the Native Americans in their desire for people to see the United States through their eyes. 

    Native American culture is the most underrated, overshadowed, and underappreciated in the world. I realized this for years, but 2016 was when I decided to take action. I started using my author brand, Tikaani Moon to bring awareness of their beautiful culture. I have also began to start projects in order to help with cultural preservation, I mean what little is left of it. Due to me learning many of their languages are on the brink of extinction, and many are already extinct, I am starting projects to help preserve Native American languages. Also, I wish to revive the languages that went extinct. 

    I am starting an organization for this. I mainly focus on Indigenous people in the United States, Canada and South America. Also recently, I added the Australian Aboriginals on my list due to them also growing near extinction. In addition to that, I bring awareness to Native Islanders, Pacific Islanders and most recently I considered bringing awareness to Jewish culture.

    As far as for bringing awareness to mixed raced, multi-ethnic people, I do my part by sharing my story of being a biracial/mixed race person. 

    I have also considered bringing awareness to those who get body modifications, to end the negative views the world have on these people.   


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